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Monday, yet again. Keep it on the positive. Monday gets such a bad rap. It seems the more mondays I survive, the more I look forward to the next one. Always an opportunity to start with a clean slate. So many projects in the works now. New lists, inventory, sales, shows, supplies, making amazing connections with awesome people, worldwide. In keeping with some themes that I am working to manifest across the landscape of this Jamaica life, I created a word collage to help me stay present to my dreams/goals. After all it has been said that dreams are just goals with deadlines (though I prefer lifelines here).

This virtual tool is awesome, indeed I shared it in an earlier post. Those of you yet to discover  www.wordle.net are really missing out. I am a text freak, no, not in any obscene kind of way. I love the look of text. Text can be art. Independent of the meaning words carry they often have a strong visual impact. I could spend hours playing with this word stuff. Good thing my list of things to do is so long today. Otherwise, I might not have made the time to enter text and discover this!  I always discover fabulous stuff to engage in when my “to do” list is most pressing. Once again, thanks to Jonathan Feinberg,  www.wordle.net for this genius site. I altered my collage a little bit with photoshop, to get it just right. Have a try, in your own words. Thanks for lending an ear/eye and I wish you the best this manifest monday.

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