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Sometimes you’ve just gotta put it out there. No matter what folks say, think or do. You gotta be you. It’s true, the older I get the less I am intimidated or concerned with what people think of my choices. Quite frankly, a huge relief.

One humongous decision I’ve made in the last couple of years is to put it out there. To share my work and hope for the best. To find comfort in a space of suspended vulnerability. Grace, confidence and a shield from the naysayers are my armor.

So far, so good. I could not have fathomed the positive response I would receive with respect to my artwork. I am growing in trust and personal style. Finding my eye, voice and mixed media passion. I am pushing through the learning curve. I am leaning in to my work, myself, my gifts.

The thing is, once it’s out there, it’s out there. It’s fruitless to try to take it back, cover it up or run away. Better, it is, to move forward to that place that can ignite, create and release. I’m getting there. But it hasn’t been easy. In fact, in the beginning I was petrified. Not to do the work. That’s the easy part for me. I love it and can lose hours, days in a blissed out creative trance. Nope, it’s the sharing that’s hard. So today I am giving myself a pat on the back. I’ve come so far and am propelled to continue. Trusting my intuition. Embracing instinct. Doing what feeds me and scares me. Loving it!

The photo above is Lifelines, 12×12 inch, acrylic on masonite. My first assignment for my painting class. Yup. There it is. I’m putting it out there. You saw a few glimpses of it in my studio post, last friday. Now, my friends, the finished piece.

Insert big exhale here. What will you do this month, week or day that scares you?

Go on, be vulnerable…

One Love, walk good, embracing, improving and sharing my gifts…

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I have been feeling homesick. The holidays can bring nostalgic sensations and memories for so many folks. I snapped this shot yesterday in Negril. Somehow, the image carries me to a simpler time. It reminds me of the mother, father, child trinity that is celebrated this time of year. Giraffes wear such nobility and represent groundedness, vision and a spiritual knowing. They are visioning the future and what is beyond the horizon. They are gentle hearted and not afraid to take risks for love, spirit, family. Happy to stick their necks out for the appropriate causes.

I desire today to embrace a similar sense of knowing. Knowing that everything is everything and all is as it should be. To invite a brighter light into my heart and to trust in the spiritual order of things while being grounded in the physical present. To have the courage to take risks, in my relationships, and in my work. Sticking your neck out there certainly isn’t easy. Giraffes come by it naturally and can aid us in such meditations and doings. They hover above the horizon gifted with vision of the future and seeing everything to come long before those of us down here. Giraffes trust in what is to come. Today I need to trust.

If you are cold, anxious, lonely, scared, sad or taking a risk you feel shaky about, may these giraffes be a comfort to you. A true power animal, they have so much to teach us. I hope this glimpse of white sandy beach, sunshine, turquoise waters and azure skies can bring you a moment of joy and warmth this season. It has been a tough year with many losses. But on the horizon a new dawn is coming. With the setting of the 2010 sun will come a glorious day in 2011. Embrace what’s on the horizon, trust in what is and what is to be. Hold the vision, the faith and the knowing. Open your heart, stick out your neck for love and hold on…

One love, walk good, today I need to trust…

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