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Sometimes it’s the little things. A recent development on our Jamaican acreage is the bounty of this magical fruit/vegetable. We are cultivating it in abundance, nearly by accident. It is a hearty grower with huge thirst and passion for life. Lately, it’s not uncommon to see plump, round bursts of color shooting up from the compost pile. Joyful. Effortless.

Imagine. Programmed to thrive. Hardwired for life. Each sprout reaching for the sun to extend the best leaf, pumpkin, self. There is a whole heap to be learned from pumpkins. Perhaps, even better than their performance in soup or pie, is the fact that these squash can do what they do almost anywhere. Pumpkin can grow on a rock, literally and with very little maintenance. Pumpkins put themselves out there for all of the universe to see. Rugged. Vulnerable. Authentic. Happy just the same.

What are you happy about? What are you reaching for? What is effortless today?

One Love, walk good, embracing effortlessness…

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It takes a whole heap of love, faith, H20 and straight, organic, Jamaican sunshine to grow an avocado sprout. If you don’t already know avocado is known as pear inna Jamaica. If you’ve yet to experience a Jamaican pear my condolences, they blow doors on anything from California. Weeks and weeks and weeks it took for one little leaf to make it’s way toward the living. If I didn’t know better, I would have given up and thought these little guys weren’t ever gonna grow up. I have nurtured ten little pear seeds, I sing to them, talk to them, change their water and tell them daily that they can be whatever they want to be. And finally about six weeks ago the first plant showed it’s face. It is quickly on it’s way to becoming a pear tree. Two more (including the one shown) have sprouted. So out of the ten picks (seeds saved from our favorite pears (avos) of the season), three plants are officially on the way and another two look like they will bust out in the next couple of days. We picked our faves on the basis of taste, texture, and all around “perfect pearness”. I have to say it’s been a sweet process.

One day, 5, 7 or 10 years from now, these seeds will have matured to fruit bearing trees on our little piece of land. We look forward to pear season and will devour and resprout our harvest with wild abandon. Watching them grow no matter how slow has been a gift. Patience, love and a knowing that each will make their way in their own time, are crucial to the seeds‘ success. Incidentally, also crucial lessons in parenting.

Today I am giving thanks for patience, love, faith and an internal “knowingness” that helps me through each day, project, season and year. I am so grateful for my ten little pear seeds striving toward treeness, though it still remains to be seen how many will make it. I am holding the faith. The faith to let them grow their own way on island time.

One Love, walk good, growing love…


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