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As you can see it’s been busy  over here on the rock. My head is swirling with inspiration, imaginations and images.  I am over at Studio Jru again for show & Tell. Participating in this Friday engagement keeps me on my toes and definitely makes me more cognizant of my work/s in progress. 🙂

Thread, needles, beads, findings, embellishments and curiousities are abundant. And I dare not show you a wide angle view of the work area! Scary. But I will be doing some scooping, storing and organizing in the studio this weekend to make it more roomy and bearable. Sometimes I am so overpowered by the muse/s I actually forget where I am and what I’m doing. Moving from skrap to skrap, objet to objet, image to image. It consumes me. Perhaps too much.

Honestly, sometimes I just can’t turn it off. I need to learn how.

Nonetheless, it’s been a relatively productive week. I am gaining momentum and excitement about the potential for said new line of hair adornment/s. I am stuck on the name. I would love to enlist you to help me and give some feed back as to which name you think best suits this pursuit?

So far I’ve come up with with:


blüm by ila blu


flora by ila blu

Of course the blüm is pronounced bloom and flora is pronounced flora.

Which do you prefer? I like them both and think either could work. So???……

I am wishing you an oustanding weekend. I hope you start or continue something you love, preferably creative.

One Love, walk good, gone to get some sunshine…

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You are never alone. It’s true. It was a busy week. We were blessed to have our beloved cousins here for spring break. So much to do, make and see. Our home was filled with love, laughter, a whole heap of good vibes and noise. Yesterday, everybody (but me) made the journey to St. Ann to return the children to their mommy and daddy.

Initially, this seemed a splendid opportunity for me to reap the benefits of some serious alone time. Yet as my precious children and nephews rolled out of the yard with “uncle” my heart felt heavy with love, my eyes filled with tears. I wiped the sadness away and quickly got down to business. I scrubbed the bathtub, finished cleaning the lunch dishes, started a load of laundry and sat down in the studio. Now what?  I wait for such precious moments alone, for days, sometimes weeks.

Faced with the reality of a couple of nights to myself, (in my own house no less), I felt alone. I mean the lonely kind. So I did what any self-respecting daughter would do. I picked up the phone and called my mother. She was clearly alarmed by my tone of voice. The first thing she said was, “what’s wrong, are you alright?”  I explained my predicament and eventually we both laughed at the irony of it all. I was able to buck up and get back to jewelry work in the studio, grateful for the time, even if the silence was excruciating. Evening came down…

I don’t know if you experience the sacred light of evening in an immaculate way where you live. But let me tell you something, there is a window of time between the light of day and dark of evening here in Jamaica, that can fill you up with peace and reverence for all things natural. Magnificent mystic, the light, is elusive and cannot be translated, at least not into english. Even the best photography equipment falls short in the divine light of the five o clock hour. I have rarely been able to touch upon it in digital or film.

Given the space and time, the glittering of our gates (trimmed in a rich gold), beckoned me. Venturing into the yard, armed with my camera, I was inspired by the image of a solitary weed growing against the gate’s wall. Closer inspection revealed the weed’s shadow. At that very instant I realized that we are never alone. Once again, gratitude, for every little thing, even loneliness. Especially in the divine, golden, diffuse light of a Jamaica evening…

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