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Okay so. We are getting closer to another island give away. Well, not the whole island, but at least a little piece of it. I am undecided as to relinquish a piece from the Charm Lura or 357 collection What do you think. Earrings? A necklace? No, really, I’d love to know. Help me decide will ya? Have a look and comment as to which type of piece you would love, love love to have. And thanks to Brenda Wright for a couple of the photos above!

Remember you have to signup for this blog to qualify to win an ilablu jewelry give away.

So sign up already would ya! It’s right over there, there, in the right sidebar where it says sign up now!. Conveniently the only side bar on this blog. For now.  Type your email into the box! Don’t forget to read the give away details!:)


Subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com (sign up box can be found in the right) hand sidebar. Don’t worry I don’t spam. The only commitment you are making is to receive an email every time I post. Which can be a really good thing if you like my adornment work and would like to win/own a piece.

Pay attention to posts and look for the final Give Away Post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: “The Give Away Post”.

View the “The Give Away Post” and picture and leave a comment on the “Give Away” piece of jewelry. You must leave a comment, no matter how simple to qualify to win. You can say “nice piece”. But feel free to be creative, kind, or adoring. 🙂 I will enter all participants (those who comment), into a digital randomizer to determine the winner.

Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

Hope you win!

One Love, Walk Good, soon come…

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This is It!!!!  If you’re in the San Diego, LA area don’t miss this!!! Yet to experience ila blu jewelry? This is your opportunity. If you are already a proud wearer of ila blu designs, you know this is the place to be. This show is stellar! Come out and enjoy your saturday afternoon with a divine view of SD, crudites, beverages, and a marvelous selection of ila blu jewelry. Mingle with old friends or new on a mountain top, sea view, paradise.  We are looking forward to seeing and adorning you! RSVP to Michele at (760) 218 7280 and receive a 5% discount on any  ila blu item.

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