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I am consistently delighted and surprised by the herbal medicine to be discovered in my own yard. If you belong to the baby boom generation your memories of this product may not be entirely pleasant. Apparently, “back in the day” it was used to induce regularity where there was none. My mother (a baby boomer and biologist) unearthed these seeds on a hike through our land last week.

Turns out, castor oil and particularly Jamaican, black castor oil, has been used for a variety of ailments and benefits for centuries. When picked, dried, opened, roasted, boiled, this seed produces a naturally wonderful oil good for a variety of internal and external uses. Since ancient Egyptian times this plant gained popularity for it’s smooth, cleansing effects on the skin and growth factor for hair. The leaves can be used as a bug repellent and the oil can chase away ringworm. Many a pregnant woman has swallowed this foul tasting stuff to induce labor. But did you know that it can also help the softening and dimnishing of wrinkles and stretch marks? Hmmmm talk about affordable alternatives to night cream.

Ultimately, a great cleanser for inside and out, Castor oil can also be used as a purgative. Given that it is Monday (again) I share this bit of herbal folklore and history in the hopes of inspiring a clean slate. Move out (purge) what isn’t working for you, invite in more of that which makes you smile. Inhale renewal, exhale the stale. Clean out the proverbial purse, kitchen drawer, glove compartment, “to do” file, etc.

Start anew. Embrace the possibility and inspiration of Manifest Monday.  You can be or do anything! Start something you love! Go on, rub yourself up in some good ol’ fashioned Castor oil. I promise you and your week will feel smoother and brighter!

Do one tiny thing to sanctify the arrival of a new week and watch the parade of possibility unfold before you…

One Love, walk good, Happy Monday!

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You hold the keys to change.

It is Monday, which has it’s own built in opportunity to cleanse, if only by the sheer luck and misfortune of being the “first” day of the week. Here’s to manifesting, organizing, clearing, refreshing.

I spent time yesterday in the tangled delight of a studio cleanse. It always makes me feel inspired to move stuff out and straighten what is staying. I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely inspired by studio clutter and project remains. I prefer a crisp and clear, creative expanse. I am energized by empty, open spaces.

Shelves, journals, desks, tables, walls, etc.

Wherever you are, I hope you are inspired to have a productive day. Sometimes sorting a stack of magazines on the coffee table can make you feel more organized. Sometimes, a simple chore (i.e., cleaning out your purse) is enough to trigger a spark of inspiration so grand you are unable to contain it! Keep it on the positive and change won’t overwhelm you. Distance is reached in baby steps.

What are you manifesting this monday? Whether you are making lists, crossing items off of your list, or just incubating and floating in creative process, I wish you a beautiful and organized Monday.

One Love, walk good, Wo~manifesting…

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Hello Monday!!!  Greetings all, I hope this post finds you lovely as ever as we roll into summer full speed ahead. I have been working on website content and grappling with decisions about the much anticipated and slightly delayed, jewelry give away. What to give, what to give??? I have a sense now of the direction we are heading with the final prize. And in the next couple of days I will nail down the actual piece to be granted to that very lucky individual who is randomly chosen as the “WINNER” of the ila blu/ something blu blog give away!!!

One of the most fun aspects of jewelry designing is inspiration and the unexpected places it turns up. I love to work with natural resources found here on the rock. In some ways it is easy to feel frustrated on this little island w/ regards to jeweler supplies and where to get them. But living in a place that has so little to offer stock wise has left me with no choice but to think outside of the box. You can make beads from many, many things. I am fascinated/borderline obsessed with seeds and their potential application in jewelry design (see Tamarinda Gold above). Oh, and although it is not easy to buy silver wire/sheeting on the rock we definitely are not short of steel. And I continue to unearth copper to utilize in the Charm Lura, Copper Revival collection.

Today I am sharing Tamarinda Gold from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She is a rare beauty, one of a kind, mixed media, ila blu creation. She is regal, contemporary, a pioneering classic with an elegant and subtle, ancient feel. She is made of hand shaped and hammered, steel links, Tamarind seeds gathered from trees near our yard and hand drilled (by me), miscellaneous glass and gp (gold plate) findings, with a touch of copper, finished with a gorgeously smooth, smoky grey, gossamer ribbon to be tied in a small bow at the length that best suits your outfit/occasion.

Wearing this necklace brightens your day and your face. Best of all, she transitions easily from jeans and a casual top to a dressy night on the town, dinner and the theatre or straight up at the club. She is multi generational and possesses prowess in the areas of natural beauty, resourcefulness, complimenting the diamond in the ruff sentiment/personality. Lucky for you, she is still available and scheduled to be listed in my etsy shop in a number of days, hopefully less than 30.


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One Love & Good Luck!!! 🙂

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