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Meet The blu Cacoon, artifact from Collection: Sand Stone Sea Sky, Species: Necklace, One of a kind.

Hand drilled Cacoon and nikol seed harnessed in copper on a turquoise, translucent, ribbon of blu. 26” can be worn long or as a choker as short as 15”.

The blu Cacoon compliments every complexion and can be worn casually or as an elegant, natural, accoutrement in more formal settings. You choose.

A genuinely fabulous choice for year round casual style. This piece echos folklore and eco-sustainability. The naturally heart shaped Cacoon seed has long been incorporated into Jamaican adornment. The seed is also known as Chongolo, Congolo or Sea Heart and can be found in South America. Once a mariner’s favorite adornment. The pods were known to travel with sailors as well as float to tropical shores. This artifact boasts prowess in cleansing, oral tradition, one love and simple, natural beauty.

She is currently seeking a proprietress. Query: s@ilablu.com

One Love, walk good, into the blu… p.s. stay tuned for the upcoming ila blu jewelry give away!

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Final Post!!! We’ve arrived, destination: Jewelry Give Away. Remember, you have to comment on the final post to be entered in this drawing. This is the ila blu offering, CoCo Love. Collection: Charm Lura. Species: pendant/necklace. Etched copper, love pendant, accompanied by coconut, turquoise and faceted glass, swings on a sterling silver, contemporary, Italian chain (18″). Are you loving her? Mmmm copper.

Prowess: Life energy, communication, compassion and protection for it’s wearer. CoCo Love is warm in summer or winter. Coconut shell (known as a symbol of endurance and spirituality) echos the tropics. The blu of the turquoise and glass grounds this piece in harmony. CocoLove elevates the everyday in a mindful way. A positive and healing affirmation for yourself or as a gift. This piece could easily be incorporated into a wedding, adorned by the bride on her neck or around her bouquet. Bring on the comments and the best of luck to ya.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I am giving you the time and space to comment on this post. The drawing will take place Wednesday, June 16, and the winner announced Thursday, June 17. 🙂

One Love, hope you’re winning…

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It is certainly heating up over here. And the jewelry give away excitement is hot, hot, hot!!! It’s awesome that so many of you subscribed to be a part of this contest and the something blu community. I mentioned earlier this week that I will be making some changes to better connect/integrate my blog and website. This is definitely in process though it’s not yet clear precisely how or exactly when these changes will take place. I will keep you posted and hope that we can go through the makeover with little if no disruption to posts/ you etc.

Today, I share with you Hot Lava. She is from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She boasts cousins of the bracelet and earring species (not featured here) that were commissioned by her proud owner. She is made of hand formed gp (gold plate) links, Lava stone, chek glass, tiny glass beads, copper and gp findings and finished with a beautiful translucent, black, extendable ribbon. Hot Lava is a hot and feisty little number, certainly well suited for night life and celebration. She was not a custom piece (although her coordinating cousins were) but you would never know it. The stylish little lady that snagged this hot item (at the San Diego, Sand Stone Sea Sky, from the rock debut show) wears it like it was made for her. Hot Lava, like her owner, is petite but her presence is colossal!! Hope you enjoyed meeting her as much as I enjoyed making and matching her with a perfect proprietress.

One Love, Hot, Hot, Hot


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Hello Monday!!!  Greetings all, I hope this post finds you lovely as ever as we roll into summer full speed ahead. I have been working on website content and grappling with decisions about the much anticipated and slightly delayed, jewelry give away. What to give, what to give??? I have a sense now of the direction we are heading with the final prize. And in the next couple of days I will nail down the actual piece to be granted to that very lucky individual who is randomly chosen as the “WINNER” of the ila blu/ something blu blog give away!!!

One of the most fun aspects of jewelry designing is inspiration and the unexpected places it turns up. I love to work with natural resources found here on the rock. In some ways it is easy to feel frustrated on this little island w/ regards to jeweler supplies and where to get them. But living in a place that has so little to offer stock wise has left me with no choice but to think outside of the box. You can make beads from many, many things. I am fascinated/borderline obsessed with seeds and their potential application in jewelry design (see Tamarinda Gold above). Oh, and although it is not easy to buy silver wire/sheeting on the rock we definitely are not short of steel. And I continue to unearth copper to utilize in the Charm Lura, Copper Revival collection.

Today I am sharing Tamarinda Gold from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She is a rare beauty, one of a kind, mixed media, ila blu creation. She is regal, contemporary, a pioneering classic with an elegant and subtle, ancient feel. She is made of hand shaped and hammered, steel links, Tamarind seeds gathered from trees near our yard and hand drilled (by me), miscellaneous glass and gp (gold plate) findings, with a touch of copper, finished with a gorgeously smooth, smoky grey, gossamer ribbon to be tied in a small bow at the length that best suits your outfit/occasion.

Wearing this necklace brightens your day and your face. Best of all, she transitions easily from jeans and a casual top to a dressy night on the town, dinner and the theatre or straight up at the club. She is multi generational and possesses prowess in the areas of natural beauty, resourcefulness, complimenting the diamond in the ruff sentiment/personality. Lucky for you, she is still available and scheduled to be listed in my etsy shop in a number of days, hopefully less than 30.


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  4. Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

One Love & Good Luck!!! 🙂

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It’s not easy letting go. I am experiencing mild anxiety this weekend as I am unable to micro manage a photo shoot featuring some of my latest designs. Not being present for the shoot left me feeling completely out of control for the last 28 hours or so. As my business grows I am forced to delegate, and to ask for (and receive) help and support. Sometimes, I am whelmed by how much there is to do to sustain a creative biz, the rest of the time I am totally whelmed by letting other talented folks take up the reins. I suppose it is a delicate balance. It is good to let others shine their light. We certainly can’t all be the best at everything. And so a bit reluctantly I have handed over a big box of product to some amazingly generous ladies who have started the process of photographing my little lovelies. It’s wonderful to hear that they have enjoyed the shoot so far and are concerned that they may have to buy most of the work off the rack, out of the box etc.

Fortunately for me, (as one of my girlfriends recently said) this is a challenge and not a roadblock. Interesting choice of words considering I live in Jamaica where road blocks and curfews are par the course. Insert deep breath here. If all goes well I should be posting some new ila blu designs to my etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. This is something I have postponed for far too long. I am finally ready to let go of the perfectionist alter ego if for only a few moments to get my work listed and available on line. So many folks have requested that I do this. My major challenge of course was shipping (trust me, not easy from JA) but I have for the most part satisfied that requisite. I hope to offer free shipping or at least to ship anywhere in the U.S. for a dollar or two. Yay!

Straightening things up here at the house today. Typical Sunday chores to ready us for the week. As I dust, unpack, put away and organize I am exercising my powers of breath and positive meditation. Letting go. Letting go of controlling and micro managing every aspect of my creative business, my children and husband’s lives and the rest of the world, that honestly, functions pretty well without my attention. A big lesson indeed as a chronic micro-manager, an artist, as a parent, even as a big sister. But in the long run if we are to embrace huge (or even small) success we must invite people to shine their creative, organizational and personal assistant skills. To put it simply: allow folks to help you, especially in the areas where they excel and you don’t!!! Letting go is a process and is sometimes harder then we expect. In the end any individual can only manage what is humanly possible. I am constantly learning to let this be enough…

One Love, Letting Go…

P.S. More on the jewelry give away tomorrow.

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Okay, Okay, It’s been awhile I know, ahem, tail between legs etc. I thought I would come back to you rejoicing and beaming with the amazing success that was the debut of Sand Stone Sea Sky, from the rock, ila blu, 2010 jewelry collection (a wonderful show). Almost two weeks out from the show what I can say, is that I have been incredibly busy. Ultimately, this is a good thing for the biz, not necessarily for the blog. I know, more than likely, you are busy too, only you didn’t commit to writing this blog and/or hosting a jewelry give away here.

I, however, did. And I assure you that you are not forgotten. I think of you nearly everyday, kick myself and get back to business. The truth is that making jewelry, admin, custom orders, inventory updates, and trunk shows sometimes take the lead and I find it challenging to get my blog on. I do intend to host the give away, all be it, a little late. I hope when we alas, have a winner it will all have been worth the wait. Oh, what you have endured, over a month of no new post material. The repetitive almost painful, stagnant blog view of the May 22nd, ila blu show (remind me to create a page for show info). I am sure your eyes glazed over in a blu, tinted haze every time you checked back here in anticipation and hope of a glimpse of something, anything, different, new, crumbs or hints of a blog life beyond the blu flier/invitation. But you hung in there anyway, and waited for me to reappear. And with any bit of luck (on my behalf) and compassion (on your behalf, of course), you are even reading this right now. Which quite frankly, is awesome

So the next few posts will be a lead up to the promised give away. I will post some pics and leave it to you to comment. It’s a good thing to get in the habit of commenting on the next few posts as the final post will be a birds eye view of the piece intended as the prize. And you will have to post a comment on that picture/piece of jewelry to be entered in the drawing to win. Now that you are subscribed to this blog (i.e., you are receiving an email re: this post) you are eligible to participate in the give away. If you are not yet subscribed, go to the right sidebar of this blog to the subscribe box/widget and sign up. You must be subscribed to enter.  And YOU MUST, I repeat, you must, leave a comment about the final, birds eye view, picture of the intended prize. Once I post that picture/post I will allow 3 days for comments to stream in.

I hope to see comments from all of my subscribers, and I do know how many of you are out there. So if you are in it to win it comment on the jewelry piece in the final post. The post title that day will include the words: final post. Just to make it clear. I will post some portion of this current post again for those who might not have seen it, accidentally erased it or have had their email accounts hijacked, which apparently, has recently happened to my cousin. In a couple of days I will post a detailed list of said parameters for the something blu jewelry give away. This whole process will take place over the course of a week plus a few days.

In the meanwhile, I would love some feedback, re: some blog decisions that I have to make. It has been brought to my attention that changing the name/and or location/ theme of my blog to better resonate with the name of my jewelry biz is probably a very good idea. I wonder how you all feel about this and if you would still visit and or become a member at yet another blog space? Your opinion counts. I am not sure if I should start a studio blog that would continue to incorporate my jewelry and mixed media work. Or move this blog to my website, ilablu.com (just to keep it streamlined), or start a new one there? You can see how I am overwhelmed by the options. When I started this blog I was not so sure about the goals I had for my jewelry and art. I also had no clue what I was doing. And I know a little more now. It seems smart to keep everything simple. So that all digital stuff links easily and my work, (shop, site, blog) is easy to find, etc… Please let me know your thoughts on this as they will affect my decision as to how I move forward with this project.

One love, and I hope your busy is good.

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This is It!!!!  If you’re in the San Diego, LA area don’t miss this!!! Yet to experience ila blu jewelry? This is your opportunity. If you are already a proud wearer of ila blu designs, you know this is the place to be. This show is stellar! Come out and enjoy your saturday afternoon with a divine view of SD, crudites, beverages, and a marvelous selection of ila blu jewelry. Mingle with old friends or new on a mountain top, sea view, paradise.  We are looking forward to seeing and adorning you! RSVP to Michele at (760) 218 7280 and receive a 5% discount on any  ila blu item.

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