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From the studio this week I present to you…

Six Pictures, Six P Words and more vulnerability.

Patience, perseverance, presence, positivity, possibility and politeness are the order of the day. I am striving for all of the above while feeling like sticking my head in the sand as I re-coup from a week that in retrospect may look prettier but currently looks like hell. Well, not entirely like hell, but close enough for government work.

I played hooky with my blog this week. I have retreated into a creative hibernation and a brief social hiatus. Not to worry, it’s temporary. Bracing for change necessitates objectivity, deep breathing and baby steps.

Still able and more than willing to be vulnerable and share a few peeks into the studio. It is after all, Friday and I am over at Studio JRU again, for a fabulous collaborative of creative folks being vulnerable! I am currently loving lessons in color and happy to share some of my recent explorations.

Injoy the scenery and have a fabulous weekend.

Last week’s painting, acrylic on 9×9″ reclaimed wood:

Last Week’s palette:

Digitally altered painting:

Skraps and inspiration:

One Love, walk good, more soon..


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I love dinner parties. Monday, we started the week off right with a quaint evening gathering. We welcome lovely, ital, cuisine, good music, friends and fabulously entertaining conversation. Never mind that the  verbal and culinary exchange was punctuated with high pitched squeals of juevenile delight, running in the house, noise making toys, and some extra parental guidance and commentary (i.e., “you can’t stand on your sister”!!! etc.).

All in all, it was a beautiful night and I look forward to many more of it’s kind.

Perhaps some people wouldn’t consider having a Monday night dinner party, on account of scheduling, fatigue, laundry, the long week ahead, (need I go on?). Well, I think it’s a helluva way to open the week. Applause for bucking convention. I must admit I woke this morning thinking it was Saturday, wait no, isn’t it Sunday?. But you know what? Once in awhile it’s okay. Okay for the kids to stay up a little later, okay if the dishes swim in the sink for a couple of hours and it’s okay  to wake up questioning what day it is. The experiences whirl, swirl, and continue to create such a beautiful and spontaneous life. A life full of color, music, laughter, good food, and an occasional glass of red wine, or two. Not to mention the opportunity to boast and share our beautiful homegrown pumpkin. I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Challenged by shuttersisters (an awesome online community of shutter clicking ladies) today, to post a photo with out editing. The disappearing art of SOOC, or Straight Out Of The Camera, reveals the true nature of the image without interference. No scheduling, editing, planning, or erasing. Imagine life unedited???

The morning after the dinner party, shot. This is it. Plain and simple.

Here’s an idea. Gather up a few of your favorite local folks and dinner ingredients and have a Monday night dinner party. I suppose Tuesday could work too. Your bound to have a marvelous time!!! We certainly did.

One Love, walk good, ciao!

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Grow Oneness


“Try a Little Tenderness”


Be Kind

Practice Gratitude

Practice it Again

One Love, Walk Good, Giving Thanks…
P.S. Stay tuned for ila blu jewelry give away 🙂

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