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It’s easy to forget that sometimes life is simple…

May you seek to be what you are. In every little thing you do, reach for the stars.

Be amazed and humbled by the gift of breath.

live what you love. elevate the everyday. b one of a kind. organic. seek beauty.  less is more. essential. work at balance. balance at work. communicate. breathe in joy. handcraft. earth. love the one. love yourself. share. invent. share more. reinvent. family first. grow. structure. flow. live music. revere friends. embrace sensuality. dance. cherish. sunshine. vision love. simplify. smile. live more. document. construct archetypes. write. artifacts. ancient. contemporary. classic. write more. be kind. read books. collect. let go. inspire. primitive genius. b the alternative. more life. make stuff. practice abundance. build sanctuary. walk good. live up. make more stuff. sip tea. love fruit. eat your greens. see the world in a bead. dream. achieve. be. one.

if you do only one thing, do good.

One Love, walk good, do good…

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Wordle Up!

This is a birds eye view of my design/work philosophy.  Sometimes words really do say more than images.  Sarcasm has grown with a vengeance in our daily lives.  It’s easy to lose the eternal optimist, that lives alas, buried under miles of callous, adapted to survive the harsh realities of the human condition. None the less, life is full of many good things.  One of my favorite new things is by Jonathan Feinberg, www.wordle.net

This little piece of cyber heaven permits one to create awesome word collages or “text clouds”.  I entered text from my personal design “philosophy” and received this in return.  Check it out.  Hope you will have some fun with this one.  Enter your words and see what flows forth!  What a creative way to celebrate text/ideas.  Thanks Jonathan!  Wordle Up!

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