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Traditionally, flowers have significant meanings attributed to them. In times past, folks gifted flowers with intended messages. Red flowers and particularly roses can symbolize, passion, desire, red hot, love, and energy.

This vermillion beauty is definitely a dose of sexy. Worn as a hair adornment or on a blouse, purse or shoe, as a fascinator, a pretty drop of red goes a long way. This simple accessory can take your winter blahs to fabulous! I am a huge fan of hair adornment and head dressings. Honestly they make my day! More often than not, I clip a little beauty into my big ol’ bun o’ hair (natty dreadlocks minus the dread) to pull my look and self together. It adds such a cheerful element to my face and outings. Often a conversation opener and always an eye catcher!

I am so loving and inspired by my recent floral explorations. I think I am almost ready to offer them for sale. I feel myself blooming in new directions with this craft that draws on so many of my gifts. It is challenging and gratifying and eco savvy as I am incorporating primarily reclaimed fabrics. Yay!

What do you think?

Might you consider adding one, two or three, of these to your wardrobe experience?

One Love, walk good, hope your day is red hot!

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The years add up. All of the memories, good times and bad merge into one experience. At some point you stop counting. Life rushes in and in the blink of an eye you are grown. Summer arrives again. And still, you are one. One of a kind.

It takes time, patience, repetitive motion of the hands and fingers and a positive meditation to shell Gungo peas.  My husband, daughter and I spent the better part of an evening last week preparing these peas for the pot. In unexpected ways each pea had a style of it’s own. Not just in appearance but in the way each pea embraced it’s fate. Several peas  jumped out of hand onto the concrete of our humble back veranda. Others were joyful to join the group and couldn’t dive from the shell to bash (large calabash bowl) fast enough.

We too, have different styles of shucking. I am proud to say that I am an excellent sheller. I think my hands are naturally attuned to small things because of the tiny beads, stones and components I work with so often. Nonetheless, shelling is a humbling experience. An extended moment of great focus in which you are blessed with the fruits of your labor in a timely manner. One pea at a time. Or as we say in Jamaica, “one, one coco fill a basket”. Each and every contribution or in this case, pea, is crucial to fill the basket.

For me, this process and photo is yet another reminder of how we all play a significant part of the one. It couldn’t be any other way. Every one brings a unique and valuable style to the table. Which certainly makes for a fantastic world, and life. We so injoyed these peas last night for my special birthday dinner. Knowing that our hands had touched each and every pea upped the value and taste of our glorious meal prepared by his royal self, King Daddy!

I had a very, very, happy birthday and am so grateful to be celebrated by friends and family in such loving ways. The holidays are officially over. With a wham, bam, thank you mam! So much festivity wrapped into three weekends. Christmas, New Years, my birthday and then it’s all done. Just like that, every year. For a whole year!

One love, walk good, more peas, or may you be blessed with the fruits of your labor in a timely manner…

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