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This is picture taken at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge. You know, like from that S&G song. I altered it a touch to get the full effect. It’s a sunshiney reminder of how beautiful October was in NYC this year. Maybe it will warm you up. At the very least the orange, saturated hues are intended to strike your retina’s fancy! We are hearing most parts of the world are pretty darn cold right about now! Bundle up baby! It’s even a bit chilly on the rock. I mean like blankets on the bed, zip up sweater style! Rare Form. But we’re still rockin’ flip flops.

This is the last and only post before the give away. Note, this is not the give away post, but the next post will be. The winner will receive a $100.00 ila blu gift certificate for a signature, statement piece of ila blu jewelry and a complimentary design session! Below are  directions for sign up, one more time for those who have yet to join in on the fun. Please remember to sign up and leave a comment on the next post or you will not be entered into the random drawing/give away! There are only two things you have to do to enter:

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2. Leave a comment on the “Give Away Post” (which will be the next post) I usually don’t tell you when it’s coming.This should be super easy for y’all!

3. If you have any last minute questions contact me and I will sort you out!


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Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!


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I have arrived on the rock with an appetite for creating. I embrace Monday with a new vigor and intend to coax it gently into something divinely transformative. If you are here for the short version of this post, my journey to NY and back goes something like this:

  • Manhattan
  • three ladies and a gentleman
  • give to receive
  • art on the streets
  • the significance of being the one
  • Brooklyn
  • serendipity is better than GPS
  • travel with a smile
  • the transformative power of rain on a zinc roof

A passion for street art was rekindled on my trip and leaves me even more obsessed with graffiti and particularly the layering of artists work over artists work. The layers of city walls, trains, and billboards converge and peel away to reveal something significant and telling. Something telling of an era, it’s people, languages and the magic that is expressed in the midst of city dailies. Each layer is as different as the percussive raindrops that now strike my zinc roof in symphony. None is quite so extraordinary with out the presence of the other/s. Raindrops + zinc roof = sonata.

This is true of people. The fact that we are not nearly as interesting as the relationships and connections we share. Our facets are highlighted best by the nature of the folks around us. I was blessed to meet a handful of super fly individuals while in I was in the city. Fabulous additions to my NY list of friends and family. And at least half a dozen more reasons to work toward a trunk show in Manhattan!!! Each character, novel worthy and gifted with passion and talent. I mean like, spilling over with art/lyrical/design/culinarymojo/techno-graphical/musical/poetic prowess. Spilling over into the city, into the streets, on to each other in a frenetic shimmer that at too close a stare, burns the eyes. Revealing something significant and telling. Something that can only exist because of the spilling and the connections shared.

The above piece is titled Rain On. This was my way of processing more than a week of heavy rains and the consequences left in it’s wake. More re: floods and recent rain destruction in Jamaica here. This is a prime example of my mixed media/digitally altered Collage Poet Series. Indeed a frenetic piece. This work is totally reliant on layers and a glorious spilling process that transpired over a number of weeks. Each layer as crucial as the last and critical as the next. Each layer forwarding the final unified effect. Kinda like people.

One Love, walk good, joyful to be back in the studio 🙂 (even if i still don’t have a ceiling)…

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Life is precious and to be cherished and embraced with great care. May you always be surrounded with a mystic golden light. May the arms of the divine surround you in a bountiful and earthly fashion. May flowers bloom in your eyes and where you live. May you b guided by love. May your words continue to reflect the great oneness that each and every one share. May you share and be shared with. May you live in the mystic. May gratitude dance around you. May the rythym of your heartbeat resonate throughout the universe. May life, love and laughter be your closest acquaintances… Always and in all ways. Love Life and may you be loved!

I am ecstatic to announce the winner of the somethingblu/ilablu give away. Gwendolyne Guzman One of my favorite people in the whole, wide world is the winner! Gwen, an international citizen and globally mobile individual is an amazing woman! We have only spent 5 or so hours in the actual presence of one another yet maintained contact since the blessed day of our first meeting. Gwen, will receive this Cherish Life, Charm Lura, Copper Revival Series necklace! Thanks to Random.org for their integer randomizer. 🙂

Have you ever met someone and known in an instant that you were always and would always be connected? If you haven’t yet I hope you do soon! I was blessed to meet this special sista on a very small airplane. We instantly vibed in a powerful and eternal way. She always leaves the most beautifully written comments on this blog. I am grateful for her acquaintance, friendship, uniqueness and love connection to the island of Jamaica. I wish that you all could win but am tickled that Gwen did. 🙂 Congratulations lovely Queen!

Oh and all of you are winners. I offer all participants a 10% discount on any ila blu purchase/custom order. You know who you are. Now order a custom piece or save your discount for the grand opening of my etsy boutique (opening when the rebranding is complete) which will be soon, soon, soon! I will email participants a code word to use for custom order or shop launch. Save it in your email for later or use it for a piece now!

One Love, Walk Good, I NY

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