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Monday Again? Feeling whelmed? I am generally a fan of Monday. Apparently this is not true for everyone…

I am hoping that I can inspire your Monday with a reminder to sign up for the ila blu $100 adornment Give Away! Don’t miss this chance to gift yourself with the opportunity to win! If you received this post as an email, no stress, you are signed up already. For those of you yet to sign up, you have a few more days until the “Give Away Post”! I am posting the instructions here once again. Make sure to leave a comment on that post in order to be entered in the drawing for a $100.oo ila blu gift certificate and complimentary adornment session.

Guaranteed to make you smile!


Subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com (sign up box can be found in the right) hand sidebar. Don’t worry I don’t spam. The only commitment you are making is to receive an email every time I post. Which can be a really good thing if you like my adornment work and would like to win/own a piece.

Stay posted and look for the final Give Away Post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: “The Give Away Post”.

View the “The Give Away Post” and picture and leave a comment on the “Give Away” piece of jewelry. You must leave a comment, no matter how simple to qualify to win. You can say “nice piece”. But feel free to be creative, kind, or adoring. :) I will enter all participants (those who comment), into a digital randomizer to determine the winner.

Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

One Love, walk good, hope your monday is a good one…

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How to stay positive when it’s monday morning and the current (electricity) is gone, again.

For the short version skip to the last sentence of this post.

Bring in a bucket of water from the tank. Did I mention that when we don’t have electricity we also don’t have running water??? This will sustain bathroom adventures, dish washing, the morning beverage ritual, thirst and hand washing throughout the day.

Boil water on the stove for your beverage of choice. This morning it’s coffee and tea to satisfy godfadda, the two babes and myself.

Sweeten with sweetner of your choice.

Sip and say ahhhh.

Smile and give thanks that you plugged in your computer last night and started this bright, humid temperature rising morning with a fully charged communication, creativity machine.

Post. And do it quickly especially if you have the plug in internet provider that is painfully slow and drains your computer painfully fast.

Call your neighbors to make sure their current is gone too. Especially if you paid your bill, in person, last week. This is, after all Jamaica. JPS (Jamaica Public Service) employees may not have entered your balance to your account.

Good, the entire district is without current. Well not good for the district but good for you. That it’s not just you, that is. you. This means that sorting out the bureaucratic nightmare of your paid balance not being added to your account is not the sole responsibility of you (i.e., me). If you have been through this already you know why I started the paragraph with “good”.

If you haven’t finished your beverage of choice (and hopefully you aren’t yet compelled to move on to something stronger, it is after all, still monday morning, etc) sip again and say ahhhhh. It’s the little things.

Indeed the little things go a long way to buffer feelings of irritability, humidity and questions as to why the electricity is gone again. There are no signs of weather, felled trees, etc. No storms in the recent past although they are looming in the future. I am grateful for the quiet atmosphere and my gas stove. And all of the creative resources we are blessed with. I give thanks for shelter and coffee, my babies, their godfadda and King Daddy who works so hard for all of us. I give thanks for the ackee, sweet sop, mangos, and other edible abundance growing, ready, ripe in our yard right now.

Off to eat a mango, gratitude is key.

One Love, walk good, in gratitude…

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Monday, yet again. Keep it on the positive. Monday gets such a bad rap. It seems the more mondays I survive, the more I look forward to the next one. Always an opportunity to start with a clean slate. So many projects in the works now. New lists, inventory, sales, shows, supplies, making amazing connections with awesome people, worldwide. In keeping with some themes that I am working to manifest across the landscape of this Jamaica life, I created a word collage to help me stay present to my dreams/goals. After all it has been said that dreams are just goals with deadlines (though I prefer lifelines here).

This virtual tool is awesome, indeed I shared it in an earlier post. Those of you yet to discover  www.wordle.net are really missing out. I am a text freak, no, not in any obscene kind of way. I love the look of text. Text can be art. Independent of the meaning words carry they often have a strong visual impact. I could spend hours playing with this word stuff. Good thing my list of things to do is so long today. Otherwise, I might not have made the time to enter text and discover this!  I always discover fabulous stuff to engage in when my “to do” list is most pressing. Once again, thanks to Jonathan Feinberg,  www.wordle.net for this genius site. I altered my collage a little bit with photoshop, to get it just right. Have a try, in your own words. Thanks for lending an ear/eye and I wish you the best this manifest monday.

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