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It’s another gorgeous day in Jamaica. Things are looking up. For now, my computer is tolerating my digits punching the keys. It’s hard to say how long this will be the case. It’s pretty hard to type with your fingers crossed. My computer fritzing out effects my dailies greatly but is nanoscopic in the wake of the recent tragedy in Japan.

I haven’t had the words to even touch on the magnitude of damage following the recent earthquake/s and Tsunami. Today I am sending blue skies to the survivors. Blues skies, grace and healing.

I traveled to Japan as a three year old. I have never forgotten the kindness, grace and beauty I experienced in Japanese culture as a child. My few weeks there had a life long impact on my view of the world and folks in it.

More life and love for Japan today. May Japan be embraced by the powers of loving and positive intention.  May we hold a vessel for the hurt as well as the hope. May we hold an open heart, and open hands for the dreams. May we recognize and celebrate the arrival of the dreamers. We feel our brothers and sisters anguish from across the waters. May hope ignite your hearts when the storm has cleared.

I snapped this blue sky image while driving up our little lane the other day. I find it remarkably refreshing and simple. Keeping it on the positive isn’t always easy, especially when so much of the world is suffering. Perhaps, if we all meditate blue skies and the calm they offer, the state of current affairs will improve. It’s definitely worth a try. I can’t imagine that meditating blue skies and healing could make the situation worse.

One Love, walk good, keep your head to the sky…

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Monday, yet again. Keep it on the positive. Monday gets such a bad rap. It seems the more mondays I survive, the more I look forward to the next one. Always an opportunity to start with a clean slate. So many projects in the works now. New lists, inventory, sales, shows, supplies, making amazing connections with awesome people, worldwide. In keeping with some themes that I am working to manifest across the landscape of this Jamaica life, I created a word collage to help me stay present to my dreams/goals. After all it has been said that dreams are just goals with deadlines (though I prefer lifelines here).

This virtual tool is awesome, indeed I shared it in an earlier post. Those of you yet to discover  www.wordle.net are really missing out. I am a text freak, no, not in any obscene kind of way. I love the look of text. Text can be art. Independent of the meaning words carry they often have a strong visual impact. I could spend hours playing with this word stuff. Good thing my list of things to do is so long today. Otherwise, I might not have made the time to enter text and discover this!  I always discover fabulous stuff to engage in when my “to do” list is most pressing. Once again, thanks to Jonathan Feinberg,  www.wordle.net for this genius site. I altered my collage a little bit with photoshop, to get it just right. Have a try, in your own words. Thanks for lending an ear/eye and I wish you the best this manifest monday.

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