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As you may know already, Jamaica is pretty rugged. Life and weather arrive and disappear in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it’s rough. Sometimes it’s sad. And most of the time it’s not easy for children to grasp the concept of people, pets and plants going back to the earth. Or as we say in modern times, death.

Yesterday, we lost our cherished, little friend Mylo (pronounced My yo in our household as we are still working on annunciating l’s). Mylo was a survivor and lived through the tumultuous storms and floods of 2010. You may remember we were trapped (by rain) up in the hills and could not get to the GPs to protect them. We finally arrived home to find Mylo, shaking, hungry and terrified but her sister, Spot, and babies, weren’t as lucky. We nursed our beloved, last remaining Guinea Pig back to health and she’s been fine ever since. Until, just the other day when she became a little sluggish. Mylo died at home yesterday morning. The transition appeared peaceful. Ultimately, we think it was a heart attack.

Living in Jamaica, the children have become excellent grievers. Over the years, they have lost three grandparents, a couple of close aquaintances, fish, guinea pigs and their best friend, Cree Dawg. As parents we have discovered how crucial it is to provide opportunities for them to participate in the ritual and celebration of life and it’s passing. And so, we have fabricated several funerals.

Mylo’s celebration and burial was particularly heart warming. The children gathered flowers, made a heart and Iz (6) wrote out the head stone himself. We buried Mylo early in the day and returned after nap to decorate the grave site. Beautiful songs were sung. Memories laughed about and many, many, tears were shed. It almost broke my heart. Mylo was “such a pretty yady” (lady). “We yoved her so much.”

I think it’s important to help children through rites of passage. Allowing them to guide a ceremony for lost loved ones is empowering and healing. In some ways, I am sad that they have witnessed so much loss. At the same time, I realize how spiritually connected they are to life and nature. Gratitude.

Yesterday evening, as the babes headed outside for a sunset, ackee picking session, I overheard Izra say to his little sister,

“Miwi (meely), life comes and it passes. It’s alright, baby, that’s just how it goes.”

One Love, walk good, RIP Dear Mylo…

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Strange happenings over the course of the last week or so, particularly, thousands of black birds dropping from the sky and learning of the passing of a true Jamaican treasure have me contemplating mortality.

I have heard it said “when a wise woman dies it as if a library has burned down”.

An African proverb that stings true…

Sandra Alcot, aka Sajoya, an amazing, upful, gifted Queen, Poetess, Phenomenal Woman, Extraordinaire has crossed over. My family was fortunate to come to know Sajoya and her word power in 2006. At the time, my husband was the chef for an awesome new, conceptual restaurant, archival, garden, solar, palace, etc. Sajoya was deeply involved in the restaurant project.

Aside from her remarkable, nubian beauty, one of the first things I noticed about Sajoya was her bold spirituality and deeply rooted wisdom. She was a poet and a leader, an attorney, teacher, a sista, an herbalist, a mother, friend and a defender of women, human rights and healing, as well as a keeper of the Ras Tafari faith and history. The foundress of the Pum Pum Posse ( a poetry group and movement), Sajoya, was highly celebrated by the reggae community and entertainment industry for her pioneering work. What she did with words always left us wanting for more.

She will be remembered dearly and missed greatly. Give thanks for this precious life and all that she left here. Rest in Power Sajoya. Be free on the breeze…

One Love, walk good, giving thanks for life…

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START SOMETHING YOU LOVE. This is my 2011 wish for you. Start this year with gratitude. It always pays off. Start this year with passion. It always pulls you closer to your highest self. Start this year with joy. It’s good for your health.

Life is short. Start something you love…

A book. Yoga. A new journal or diary. A skrapbook to document the amazing things instore for you this year. Take photos. Write. Organize. Build something. Paint. Host a weekly/monthly meet up with someone you love. A new friendship. A book club. Dinner. A blog. A new attitude. Take a class. Enroll in an online course. Sketch. Draw. Sew. Run. Cook. Dance. Grow. Start something you love…

Happy Birthday Wishes to one of my oldest & dearest, Chris!!!

One Love, walk good, you gotta be startin’ something…

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