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I started writing this from the car Friday morning, on the way to Montego Bay. A beautiful day for a drive, even if the purpose of the mission was to sort out yet another Jamaican postal calamity/bureaucratic bull shi*! I find I sail through such situations smoothly when I put on my happy face and grin with gratitude.

Update: Eight hours later, after a very long day of bureaucratic servitude, the grin of gratitude waned, and I didn’t have the energy to continue this post. I am having an impossible time typing because my keyboard has gone ballistic and refuses to function without an external mouse (which is sitting on my desk at home, oops).

Which reminds me that I’ve yet to share with you the very sad news that my beloved macbook is on the fritz. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so emotionally bonded to and dare I say, dependent on a machine (with the exception of my first record player, and perhaps my last mac). My mac is my home theatre, stereo, blog center, and correspondence aid. Almost everything to me!

There is no doubt that my creative, artistic and computer skills have grown infinitely in the last few years of relationship with this laptop. And I am sad to admit that this trusty mac is on the fast track to retirement. Hopefully, she will be grazing greener pastures and browsing the net in easy, relaxed fashion in no time. For now I am squeezing every ounce of usability from this workhorse for as long as the keyboard and mouse hold out. Fingers crossed!

This week I’m obsessed with flower forming and polenta recipes though not in combination. The options presented by these two very diverse mediums (polenta and flowers) are limitless. I had no idea! I am including a few pics of recent creations and am considering adding a recipes category.

Have a fabulous weekend!

One Love, walk good, fingers crossed, hope to blog again soon…

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So, I have officially uploaded my first video to something blu today! Never mind that it’s a close up, still shot, slide show of a few inspired and interesting corners of my little workspace on the rock. I am joining the crew over at studio jru, where some very creative folks will be sharing sneak peeks of our studios on Fridays.

Little did I know how challenging this would really be.

In my college days, at Reed, a couple of friends used to call me icon girl. It was a joke (but not really) to poke fun at the fact that keystrokes were completely lost on me. I was always pleased that my handy mac offered a little picture that I could click on to accomplish pretty much any task I desired. This is more and more true with the ever growing user friendliness of the Mac and computers in general.

Well, how ya like me now? I have learned so much about computers, technology, the internet, and wordpress in the last few years. And, I am not ashamed to admit that I am still icon girl. Forgive me photoshop. What can I say? I will always choose to click a picture for a function if it’s possible to avoid keystrokes.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my icon girl preferences. There must be thousands of us out there.

In the meanwhile, I keep my hands free to focus on what is most important. Laundry, meals, the occasional artistic adventure and producing life changing adornment for the folks who wear it best!

One Love, walk good, hope you love your space as much as I groove with mine…

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Happy 2011 to you and yours! I don’t know about you but I’m partial to odd numbers. And although I grew fond of 2010, I am ready for the big 11. Here’s to looking forward! I am pondering the changes I’d like to live out this year. They are numerous. It is time once again, to let go of that which no longer serves us. It’s time to visualize and practice what it is we strive to be, do and feel.

A series of quiet revolutions are finding their way to my New Years list. The first of which is that I am not making any resolutions, per se. I am embracing flexibility and open to change. I am moving forward. I am blogging. I am designing and creating adornment infused with intention. I am growing. So are the children and their trees. Years ago, it  seems I ordered several batches of life changing events. After much delay, the orders are finally arriving and I am scheduled for some big time transformations in the coming year. How about you?

What a splendid time to be thinking, writing, dreaming about transformation. The velocity of the world  and it’s New Year celebrating inhabitants, make a stark jumping off point for change. So many folks are concentrating and aiming their energy towards goals, aspirations and the annual resolution list. It’s contagious.

I wish you all creative joy, passion and the courage to pursue your best possible self.

One Love, walk good, oh, and this photo was taken at 3:00 am today.

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Happy Holidays from the Rock. Welcome to the Give Away Post! I am celebrating my centennial post (the hundredth something blu entry) with a $100 ila blu gift certificate. I am especially joyful to share the most valuable gift I have yet to offer. The lucky winner of this give away will receive a one of a kind jewelry experience. The certificate is redeemable for a custom adornment session in which we will co-design and infuse a signature, piece of ila blu adornment!

Featured above is Talula, a one of a kind, 3 5 7 Mini Bundle™ necklace. Infused with phenomenal prowess. She echoes the brilliance of the Caribbean Sea.

I want to give thanks to all of you who have accompanied me on this journey. In January, I set out to be a better, blogger. I wanted to post more frequently, generate better content, and create a readership and following. I couldn’t have done this without each and everyone of you. I am grateful and smiling. Because I did it!!! Today I celebrate the generosity, kindness, wisdom and community that we have formed in this little corner of the virtual world. ila blu is growing! Practice Love.

Remember to comment.

Stay tuned! I will announce the winner the day after Christmas.

One Love, walk good, celebrating something blu’s centennial post! Woot! Woot!


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Just a quick one today. As internet is kinda in and out up on the hill. Postponed by the weather. Thought I’d post the rules again as we have a few new comers.

Introducing: Miss. OFaux. Collection: Sand Stone Sea Sky;from the rock, species: necklace. Naturally Dyed, hand drilled, wood O’s, adorned and attached with a vintage faux pearl. Dangles from 18 in. chain.

Super comfortable in the everyday and elevates easily to dress up. Utilitarian, yet sweet and feminine. This contemporary, vintage, pretty promises to fit the bill. The subtle blu blends with a variety of pallets and is known to be a calming shade.She’s still available.

One Love, from the hill


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  2. Pay attention to posts and look for the final give away post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: Final Post.
  3. Comment on the Final Post picture. The Final Post will include a picture of the give away prize. You must comment on the jewelry featured in the Final Post to be entered in the give away drawing. You will have three full days to comment when the Final Post jewelry picture is posted.
  4. Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

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Sooooooo…  It has been a very long time.  I am squirreled away in the studio, twisting, turning, bending, shaping, burning, drilling, stringing etc…

I have indeed neglected my loyal subscribers. I assure you, you are not forgotten. But tucked safely away in my heart and conscience reminding me always to keep creating and keep on posting. I am at last, getting my blog on. Thanks to a little help from my friends and family… Mainly, my King, (husband,etc). Once again he has risen beyond the call of duty to assist me in pulling off the upcoming ila show in San Diego California. Now, if I can learn to balance said preparations while sustaining my digital life, we should have a pretty good show!!!

Excited and a tad frantic I have yet to post any of the collection currently being birthed.  So today, I give you Prowessa, a bold, necklace out of  3*5*7*.  Created with turquoise, nickel seed and antiqued brass chain, she is a fine example of the media I have been coercing into jewelry lately. I have presented her in a few variations as she is a bit of a muse and delight to the eye in many forms. I hope you will enjoy her brazen attitude, bold, natural style and lifelike components!  As for the give away.  It is on the way.  More soon…

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There is something so yummy about copper.  This hand crafted/etched copper pendant was designed and created with love in mind.  More life is an ode to life and part of the limited edition series: Copper Revival.  Adorned with turquoise, a dyed bronze pearl and attached to a copper chain with a hand made, sterling ring, this piece is sure to delight. I have worn copper jewelry for over a decade but only started incorporating it into my work in the last year or so.  I love the warmth and the pallet it offers.  I also adore this metal for it’s acclaimed healing properties.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians used the Ankh, the symbol of eternal life, as the hieroglyphic character for copper. Hmmmm.

Renown for its ability to aid those with arthritic and joint complications, copper, is an incredibly healing metal ore.  It is known in many cultures as a cleanser for the organs and the circulatory system. Many believe that it increases the flow of oxygen into the body and facilitates filtering out of toxins.  It is a fantastic metabolic stabilizer and a necessary mineral for physical health.  A lack of copper in the body is identified as one of the culprites of greying hair.  Western science/medicine has only tapped into the very surface of this ore’s healing abilities…

I have definitely benefited from the goodness of copper.  I find I am able to work (metal) with my hands with less stiff/soreness when I wear my copper rings and/or bracelets. This metal polishes up deliciously and has a warm tone close to that of rose gold.  A perfect gift for a bride or groom, and/or bridal party, the love pendant and sentiment will not disappoint. Copper has a good vibe and comes highly recommended by generations.

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