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Where do I start? So much of our story begins with Bob Marley.

If it weren’t for Bob…

I probably wouldn’t have met my husband, have our two beautiful children, or live in Jamaica. I wouldn’t know the power of positive vibrations or word sound. I wouldn’t know how to make my son stop crying in seconds. From the time he was three weeks old he would hush instantly upon hearing the first three chords of no woman no cry. Seriously, three chords, ask anyone who knows him, he’d stop the balling immediately. It was like a miracle. I also wouldn’t know the joy of hearing my son sing no woman no cry to my squealing, week old, baby girl. I wouldn’t know the peace and quiet that Bob’s songs have brought to our home. It wasn’t my favorite of Bob’s songs. Well, not before the babes anyway. It’s taken on a whole new meaning.

When Iz was three (already a budding musician, with a repertoire consisting primarily of Bob’s music) He informed us that he wasn’t like Bob. “I am not Iike Bob, Mommy, I AM BOB!!!”. For years, strangers, friends and family alike have told Iz that he is the next Bob Marley (this of course before we graduated to the Michael Jackson phase).

Bob is an integral part of our lives and teachings. Equality, diplomacy, and above all, love. We are grateful beyond measure for his time on earth and all that he gave to people worldwide. Bob Marley  was a unifier of color, class, culture and creed on a global scale. His name is common on the breath of the people.


Am I surprised that the rain’s started pouring as I write this? Or that the gray is now parted by bright sun. I feel the warmth on my back and in my heart.

Gratitude and a few tears of joy and sadness for this man of mythic magnitude. A hero. A legend. He was freedom and literacy for the people. I know I speak for millions when I say, I wouldn’t know mental and spiritual freedom in the same way I do now if it weren’t for Bob Marley. More Life Bob.

One Love, walk good, half the story has never been told…


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Warning! If you are committed to the advantadges and convenience of your global positioning system device, and furthermore, can’t bear the thought of driving without plugging your handy gadget into it’s car mounted, socket:

this post may not be for you!

GPS boasts many benefits. Never get lost again, talk on your cel phone hands free, and automatically communicate to authorities at the scene of an accident, are a crucial few reasons to own a GPS gizmo. I am not yet entirely convinced. Yeah clearly, it’s a helpful tool but what are the cons?

Let’s face it, and in favor of serendipity (always), there are places that your internal navigation system will take you that GPS will never go. Gut instinct will drive, walk, fly, you to destinations that open life changing doors of communication, acquaintances and relationships. Think about it, GPS tells you to advance “200 meters and turn right”, arriving you in a polite and timely manner. Serendipity beckons you around the corner where you find the sweetest little abandoned puppy awaiting rescue. Instant Superhero!!! GPS tells you to “merge left”. Intuition sparks you to jump in a taxi and head for the L train. When you jump out you spot a hundred dollar bill in the seam of street and sidewalk. Serendipity urges you to split it with the cabby. GPS doesn’t allow for sideways ducking into a hole in the wall, sub-street level, joint, where you order a salad  and meet your meet your first literary agent. Serendipity loves salad. GPS reminds you of the sharp left turn you are approaching and reminds you again when you miss it. Serendipity convinces you to take a right and go up three blocks which lands you in a devastating pothole, tire fatality, incident. You are offered a hand by the man, who years later, asks for yours.

Yeah, I get it with the GPS thing. I can see it being really helpful when your lost and it guards against asking for directions…

In the end, for me, serendipity always wins. She is my roadside, driving, walking, creating, companion and has yet to steer me wrong. Have I told you about the time I stopped in a one exit town near the coast to ask for directions?

One Love, walk good, serendipity rules…

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I am so excited for the something blu/ila blu give away later this week. I will be announcing the winner this weekend from Manhattan! Which happens to be the city of my making (TMI?). I am so excited to be travelling north to NYC, the Big Apple, hustlin’ bustlin’ city of lights, dreams, make it or break it, super-concentrated, creative energy! How fun to have the opportunity to announce our lucky contestant from the city! If you are intending to win please remember to subscribe to this blog. And then leave a comment on the final give away post. The final post will air mid week, not sure if that’s Wednesday or thursday so do check in!

I wanted to share the latest from the 3-5-7 mini bundle™ collection. Sorry ladies, this isn’t the give away piece. I am really pleased how this one turned out though she gave me some trouble about halfway through the birthing/creation process. She is nearly outside of the parameters of mini bundle™. Measuring almost four inches of bundled fabulousness.

Miss Howling Benevolence, 3-5-7 mini bundle™, one of a kind.

Hand harvested, artisan treated, drilled nikol seed from our land, cradles 7 strands of howlite, turqouise, riverstone, citrine, misc. glass and crystal and brass chain. Just under 19” , this necklace hovers comfortably around the throat chakra.

Prowess: kindness, gentle communication, positivity and stellar confidence…

This mini bundle™ can make you feel gorgeous and queenly whatever you wear. Miss Howling Benevolence can also remind you to turn up your kindness to high frequency. When we are kind to others we attract kindness to ourselves :). An all season piece, always in style and diverse enough to be worn two ways. Wear her with the white howlite stones as the focal point or turn her around to reveal her more translucent citrine nature. She can be donned with a t-shirt and jeans and will undoubtedly be the center of attention. But this queen is well fit for fancy occasions and loves to dress up.

I am so attentive lately to how what I wear makes me feel. Adornment is a special treat and has infinite potential to change our mood, outlook and confidence. Have you ever had a case of the blues and decided to put on your favorite outfit/jewelry anyway? Do you notice your best loved adornment and a smile can change the way you look and feel and the way folks perceive you! This is why I love to create handmade one of a kind, intentional jewelry. I believe that stones, seeds, metals, components, carry with them a history and a message. These components can be intentionally blended, mixing their histories and prowess’ to offer great visual and emotional impact. I believe that we infuse our pieces of adornment with memories, intention, experience and meaning. I believe that jewelry has the power to evidence those memories, intentions, experience and meaning for it’s owner.

Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry or a special bead or stone and found it again in the strangest place or time? Do you have a lucky piece of adornment that you always don when you are confronting something or someone important? Do you feel “naked without your jewels? Does your jewelry hold power? Do tell!!!

One Love, Walk Good, in the studio…

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Okay so. We are getting closer to another island give away. Well, not the whole island, but at least a little piece of it. I am undecided as to relinquish a piece from the Charm Lura or 357 collection What do you think. Earrings? A necklace? No, really, I’d love to know. Help me decide will ya? Have a look and comment as to which type of piece you would love, love love to have. And thanks to Brenda Wright for a couple of the photos above!

Remember you have to signup for this blog to qualify to win an ilablu jewelry give away.

So sign up already would ya! It’s right over there, there, in the right sidebar where it says sign up now!. Conveniently the only side bar on this blog. For now.  Type your email into the box! Don’t forget to read the give away details!:)


Subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com (sign up box can be found in the right) hand sidebar. Don’t worry I don’t spam. The only commitment you are making is to receive an email every time I post. Which can be a really good thing if you like my adornment work and would like to win/own a piece.

Pay attention to posts and look for the final Give Away Post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: “The Give Away Post”.

View the “The Give Away Post” and picture and leave a comment on the “Give Away” piece of jewelry. You must leave a comment, no matter how simple to qualify to win. You can say “nice piece”. But feel free to be creative, kind, or adoring. 🙂 I will enter all participants (those who comment), into a digital randomizer to determine the winner.

Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

Hope you win!

One Love, Walk Good, soon come…

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Geuss What? Dreams really do come true!

About five years ago our little family embarked on an extended exploration. It turns out the journey was even longer than we thought. And, as is often the case, the journey itself  grew more significant than the destination. Beauty is often revealed in baby steps. Little did we know…

Three years ago right now, we ended our long search for a piece of land here in west Jamaica. Exhausted and pregnant with our youngest, I’d finally decided to surrender the quest. After lengthy negotiations for ten acres we were in love with went awry, our offer was rejected. It became apparent that letting go and letting love was the only option. Perhaps, we weren’t supposed to buy at that time or in that area, etc. With some heavy convincing, my husband conceded and we essentially gave up.

Would you believe that a week later we went mango hunting, and re-discovered a seemingly “unclaimed” mango tree. We knew the tree from a previous visit to “land for sale” near by. My husband climbed it and began to chuck mangos to me. Eventually we were approached by a local resident. He was concerned we were stealing his goats, as they gathered to participate in the feasting. Apparently, someone with a station wagon much like ours, had recently packed a dozen or so goats into the back and driven off into the horizon (to a tune of thousands of Jamaican Dollars).

Turns out, the goat man’s brother was selling an incredibly bio-diverse piece of land just down the road. We talked for a long time. The rain came. And goat man took us to meet his brother. We quickly befriended the brother, who ironically is the splitting image of my husband’s father. Thus began the serendipitous exchange that led us to purchase our little piece of the rock. It has been a blessed adventure.

A labor of love indeed. I give thanks for my husband and the time, energy and work he has put into our little corner of Jamaica. Not long ago, he finally secured the perimeter of our land from goats. Trust mi, a nearly impossible endeavor. Unfortunately, we learned, the hard way, many times, that our fence did not protect our seedlings from nibbling, sure-footed, hardy, animals. Their feasts were our loss and I truly grieved when they devoured our first fully grown Papaya (known as paw paw in Ja).

Nonetheless, our devoted Daddy King stayed on the case and we now boast a growing array of striving fruit trees and flowers.

Today, I share with you our “real” first papaya, from a tree grown from seed. What a splendid event, to pick our first fruit and slice it lovingly to reveal it’s beautiful belly. Half to put in our mouths straight away and the other half to put into our ritual green smoothie. I thought you’d like to have a look. And to know that dreams really do come true. Even on the Rock!

One love, walk good, looking for beauty in baby steps…

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Sunday Mornings, we listen to a radio show called Running African. Yesterday the electricity went out, which, in the July, early morning heat, in Jamaica, is anything but nice. It seemed appropriate however, given the show topic, i.e., the current situation in Haiti, six months (and a week) after the initial quake. Most of the survivors affected by the disaster are without housing, ample nutrition, water, etc, much less current (electricity). Fortunately my husband’s cel phone boasts a functional radio so we didn’t miss too much.

The word on our likkle island is that the majority of the millions, and millions of dollars raised for Haiti have yet to be spent. A significant portion of the perishable resources haven’t been distributed. There is little information available (especially from the more powerful funding operations) re: strategies, to be implemented to support the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. Listening to interviews with volunteers and relief effort folks in Haiti was depressing, at best. The general tone is one of futility, frustration and confusion as to why changes aren’t being made more efficiently. Oh yeh, and what’s happening with the bucket loads of cash we all donated to various organizations, (the biggest of which have spent between eight and sixteen percent of their funding)?

This blog generally isn’t a place where I flaunt my political, and humanitarian slanted ideals and opinions. But when my kids are asking me questions about what they can do to help and “where did all the money go”?. I mean, I’m just sayin’. What is really going on over there? Our islands are so close across the waters and yet we rely upon the radio for our birds eye view of the horror that Haitians are still experiencing. I made the heart pictured above as a part of an homage to our Haitian brothers and sisters. My heart melted when my son took this talisman into his hands and placed it over his heart, “This is my heart too mommy”.

It is this sentiment, brought once again, by an innocent child, that I seal with a kiss and blow like a wish from my palm across the waters this morning.

We are hoping for a change. We wish for dignity and integrity, compassion and genuine human concern to over ride greed and find their rightful place in the healing efforts. We wish that those who hold the wealth, the power and the resource to restore Haiti to her magnificent, bountiful self, will make up-ful choices. We wish…

One Love, walk good, this is my heart too…

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Here’s to you and all the lovely things you do! Most of these beauties hail from my mother in law’s yard. She has such a gift for growing flowers. Whether you are digging your hands into the summer earth or assembling a gorgeous bouquet at Farmer’s Market, injoy! Wishing you a fabulously floral weekend…

One love, walk good, taking time to smell the proverbial roses, (jasmine, orchids, scarlet begonias)..

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