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From the top of my heart and the core of my being I wish you an ilaful day…

If you are not familiar with this word, ilaful, you can learn more about it here.

If you do know this word please comment and share with me what it means to you. I would love to know.

One Love, walk good, know that you are blessed 

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Indeed it’s the busy season. And it occurs to me I have yet to show you any of the recent custom orders I have created, shared and adorned. I am particularly fond of Charm Lura™ pendants (featured above). I so cherish the bending, filing, twisting, infusing, sanding and shining of these precious little charms, amulets and talismans. Each radiates a story and energy of it’s own. It’s almost as though the pendants come alive. I incorporate botanical findings, text and various elements to articulate the intention/s of the client. A charming way to personalize the jewelry experience…

This is a sublime and lovely way to adorn yourself and/or your loved ones. Especially if you have a soft spot in your heart for Jamaica.  Charm Lura™ pendants are a fabulous and personal way to carry your intentions, aspirations, goals and a little piece of the rock with you. Even better, these pieces are totally customizable, color, text, elements, semi precious stones, etc. What’s your inspiration?

Have you finished up your holiday shopping?

Why not do something different this year? One of a kind, handmade in Jamaica, blows doors on China mass production. How fun for the recipient. Something to look forward to in 2011. Give voice to somebody’s dreams, aspirations and intentions when you gift them the opportunity to design their own statement piece of jewelry! Consider an ila blu gift certificate to gift yourself or a loved one. And for a limited time only, receive a free adornment session with the purchase of an ila blu gift certificate for $100.00 or more. A truly transformative experience. Recipients engage in design process via skype, email or phone to guide the creation of their ila blu statement piece/s. Together we design meaningful adornment to bring growth and joy to the wearer!

Still not convinced? Don’t worry you can win ila blu adornment! Yes for free!

Sign up to receive messages when I post and participate in ila blu jewelry give aways. The last give away for 2010 will be with in a couple of weeks. The winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate redeemable for an ila blu adornment session and piece of ila blu statement jewelry! I know right! Awesome! And free! Don’t hesitate, go to the top of this blog, and look in the right hand, side bar, you will see a sign up form. Remember, the only commitment you are making is to receive email messages re: new posts. No obligations. Then keep your eye out for the post title “Give Away Post” (this shouldn’t be too hard, i.e., once you’ve subscribed to something blu, you receive an email every time I post). Make sure to leave a comment on the Give Away post for your chance to win this awesome jewelry prize and consultation!!!

One Love, walk good, back to the studio…



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Hello Monday!!!  Greetings all, I hope this post finds you lovely as ever as we roll into summer full speed ahead. I have been working on website content and grappling with decisions about the much anticipated and slightly delayed, jewelry give away. What to give, what to give??? I have a sense now of the direction we are heading with the final prize. And in the next couple of days I will nail down the actual piece to be granted to that very lucky individual who is randomly chosen as the “WINNER” of the ila blu/ something blu blog give away!!!

One of the most fun aspects of jewelry designing is inspiration and the unexpected places it turns up. I love to work with natural resources found here on the rock. In some ways it is easy to feel frustrated on this little island w/ regards to jeweler supplies and where to get them. But living in a place that has so little to offer stock wise has left me with no choice but to think outside of the box. You can make beads from many, many things. I am fascinated/borderline obsessed with seeds and their potential application in jewelry design (see Tamarinda Gold above). Oh, and although it is not easy to buy silver wire/sheeting on the rock we definitely are not short of steel. And I continue to unearth copper to utilize in the Charm Lura, Copper Revival collection.

Today I am sharing Tamarinda Gold from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She is a rare beauty, one of a kind, mixed media, ila blu creation. She is regal, contemporary, a pioneering classic with an elegant and subtle, ancient feel. She is made of hand shaped and hammered, steel links, Tamarind seeds gathered from trees near our yard and hand drilled (by me), miscellaneous glass and gp (gold plate) findings, with a touch of copper, finished with a gorgeously smooth, smoky grey, gossamer ribbon to be tied in a small bow at the length that best suits your outfit/occasion.

Wearing this necklace brightens your day and your face. Best of all, she transitions easily from jeans and a casual top to a dressy night on the town, dinner and the theatre or straight up at the club. She is multi generational and possesses prowess in the areas of natural beauty, resourcefulness, complimenting the diamond in the ruff sentiment/personality. Lucky for you, she is still available and scheduled to be listed in my etsy shop in a number of days, hopefully less than 30.


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  2. Pay attention to posts and look for the final give away post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: Final Post.
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  4. Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

One Love & Good Luck!!! 🙂

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Okay, Okay, It’s been awhile I know, ahem, tail between legs etc. I thought I would come back to you rejoicing and beaming with the amazing success that was the debut of Sand Stone Sea Sky, from the rock, ila blu, 2010 jewelry collection (a wonderful show). Almost two weeks out from the show what I can say, is that I have been incredibly busy. Ultimately, this is a good thing for the biz, not necessarily for the blog. I know, more than likely, you are busy too, only you didn’t commit to writing this blog and/or hosting a jewelry give away here.

I, however, did. And I assure you that you are not forgotten. I think of you nearly everyday, kick myself and get back to business. The truth is that making jewelry, admin, custom orders, inventory updates, and trunk shows sometimes take the lead and I find it challenging to get my blog on. I do intend to host the give away, all be it, a little late. I hope when we alas, have a winner it will all have been worth the wait. Oh, what you have endured, over a month of no new post material. The repetitive almost painful, stagnant blog view of the May 22nd, ila blu show (remind me to create a page for show info). I am sure your eyes glazed over in a blu, tinted haze every time you checked back here in anticipation and hope of a glimpse of something, anything, different, new, crumbs or hints of a blog life beyond the blu flier/invitation. But you hung in there anyway, and waited for me to reappear. And with any bit of luck (on my behalf) and compassion (on your behalf, of course), you are even reading this right now. Which quite frankly, is awesome

So the next few posts will be a lead up to the promised give away. I will post some pics and leave it to you to comment. It’s a good thing to get in the habit of commenting on the next few posts as the final post will be a birds eye view of the piece intended as the prize. And you will have to post a comment on that picture/piece of jewelry to be entered in the drawing to win. Now that you are subscribed to this blog (i.e., you are receiving an email re: this post) you are eligible to participate in the give away. If you are not yet subscribed, go to the right sidebar of this blog to the subscribe box/widget and sign up. You must be subscribed to enter.  And YOU MUST, I repeat, you must, leave a comment about the final, birds eye view, picture of the intended prize. Once I post that picture/post I will allow 3 days for comments to stream in.

I hope to see comments from all of my subscribers, and I do know how many of you are out there. So if you are in it to win it comment on the jewelry piece in the final post. The post title that day will include the words: final post. Just to make it clear. I will post some portion of this current post again for those who might not have seen it, accidentally erased it or have had their email accounts hijacked, which apparently, has recently happened to my cousin. In a couple of days I will post a detailed list of said parameters for the something blu jewelry give away. This whole process will take place over the course of a week plus a few days.

In the meanwhile, I would love some feedback, re: some blog decisions that I have to make. It has been brought to my attention that changing the name/and or location/ theme of my blog to better resonate with the name of my jewelry biz is probably a very good idea. I wonder how you all feel about this and if you would still visit and or become a member at yet another blog space? Your opinion counts. I am not sure if I should start a studio blog that would continue to incorporate my jewelry and mixed media work. Or move this blog to my website, ilablu.com (just to keep it streamlined), or start a new one there? You can see how I am overwhelmed by the options. When I started this blog I was not so sure about the goals I had for my jewelry and art. I also had no clue what I was doing. And I know a little more now. It seems smart to keep everything simple. So that all digital stuff links easily and my work, (shop, site, blog) is easy to find, etc… Please let me know your thoughts on this as they will affect my decision as to how I move forward with this project.

One love, and I hope your busy is good.

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Sooooooo…  It has been a very long time.  I am squirreled away in the studio, twisting, turning, bending, shaping, burning, drilling, stringing etc…

I have indeed neglected my loyal subscribers. I assure you, you are not forgotten. But tucked safely away in my heart and conscience reminding me always to keep creating and keep on posting. I am at last, getting my blog on. Thanks to a little help from my friends and family… Mainly, my King, (husband,etc). Once again he has risen beyond the call of duty to assist me in pulling off the upcoming ila show in San Diego California. Now, if I can learn to balance said preparations while sustaining my digital life, we should have a pretty good show!!!

Excited and a tad frantic I have yet to post any of the collection currently being birthed.  So today, I give you Prowessa, a bold, necklace out of  3*5*7*.  Created with turquoise, nickel seed and antiqued brass chain, she is a fine example of the media I have been coercing into jewelry lately. I have presented her in a few variations as she is a bit of a muse and delight to the eye in many forms. I hope you will enjoy her brazen attitude, bold, natural style and lifelike components!  As for the give away.  It is on the way.  More soon…

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There is something so yummy about copper.  This hand crafted/etched copper pendant was designed and created with love in mind.  More life is an ode to life and part of the limited edition series: Copper Revival.  Adorned with turquoise, a dyed bronze pearl and attached to a copper chain with a hand made, sterling ring, this piece is sure to delight. I have worn copper jewelry for over a decade but only started incorporating it into my work in the last year or so.  I love the warmth and the pallet it offers.  I also adore this metal for it’s acclaimed healing properties.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians used the Ankh, the symbol of eternal life, as the hieroglyphic character for copper. Hmmmm.

Renown for its ability to aid those with arthritic and joint complications, copper, is an incredibly healing metal ore.  It is known in many cultures as a cleanser for the organs and the circulatory system. Many believe that it increases the flow of oxygen into the body and facilitates filtering out of toxins.  It is a fantastic metabolic stabilizer and a necessary mineral for physical health.  A lack of copper in the body is identified as one of the culprites of greying hair.  Western science/medicine has only tapped into the very surface of this ore’s healing abilities…

I have definitely benefited from the goodness of copper.  I find I am able to work (metal) with my hands with less stiff/soreness when I wear my copper rings and/or bracelets. This metal polishes up deliciously and has a warm tone close to that of rose gold.  A perfect gift for a bride or groom, and/or bridal party, the love pendant and sentiment will not disappoint. Copper has a good vibe and comes highly recommended by generations.

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