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Where do I start? So much of our story begins with Bob Marley.

If it weren’t for Bob…

I probably wouldn’t have met my husband, have our two beautiful children, or live in Jamaica. I wouldn’t know the power of positive vibrations or word sound. I wouldn’t know how to make my son stop crying in seconds. From the time he was three weeks old he would hush instantly upon hearing the first three chords of no woman no cry. Seriously, three chords, ask anyone who knows him, he’d stop the balling immediately. It was like a miracle. I also wouldn’t know the joy of hearing my son sing no woman no cry to my squealing, week old, baby girl. I wouldn’t know the peace and quiet that Bob’s songs have brought to our home. It wasn’t my favorite of Bob’s songs. Well, not before the babes anyway. It’s taken on a whole new meaning.

When Iz was three (already a budding musician, with a repertoire consisting primarily of Bob’s music) He informed us that he wasn’t like Bob. “I am not Iike Bob, Mommy, I AM BOB!!!”. For years, strangers, friends and family alike have told Iz that he is the next Bob Marley (this of course before we graduated to the Michael Jackson phase).

Bob is an integral part of our lives and teachings. Equality, diplomacy, and above all, love. We are grateful beyond measure for his time on earth and all that he gave to people worldwide. Bob Marley  was a unifier of color, class, culture and creed on a global scale. His name is common on the breath of the people.


Am I surprised that the rain’s started pouring as I write this? Or that the gray is now parted by bright sun. I feel the warmth on my back and in my heart.

Gratitude and a few tears of joy and sadness for this man of mythic magnitude. A hero. A legend. He was freedom and literacy for the people. I know I speak for millions when I say, I wouldn’t know mental and spiritual freedom in the same way I do now if it weren’t for Bob Marley. More Life Bob.

One Love, walk good, half the story has never been told…


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Today we are holding a space and moment of silence for Haiti and all those lost and tragically affected by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. The healing continues. For those of us who cannot be there to support survivors, we can wish. Wish that Haiti be restored. Wish that Haitians have access to clean water, shelter, food. My heart is tender in memorial of that day that changed Haiti’s history forever…

You may recognize the image featured above. It is a cropped version of an image I posted last year feeling heartbroken and helpless in response to the earthquake.

Take a moment of silence today.

Send meditations of light, healing and oneness to those who have made it this far.

Inspirations of peace, eternal life and rest in power for those who didn’t.

Haiti we have not forgotten you.

One Love, walk good, breathe easy, we are wishing and holding a space of healing for you Haiti…

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