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This time of year always finds me feeling a little glum. Two days after my birthday, the end of celebration has finally arrived. Even here, in Jamaica it is a grey day on the hill. Believe it or not, it’s too cold to swim at the beach. Especially if you are older than five. I haven’t completely lost hope. But this is indeed the “let down”phase. All of the preparations and expectations for the holidays and a year of life and wisdom gained, have been opened, celebrated and neatly packed away.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder, what now?

I’m feeling blu but keeping it on the positive. Today (rathar than smell the coffee and face the year ahead), I am reflecting on this last year. I started 2010 with a Mondo Beyondo list of things I dreamed of achieving. In all reality, I accomplished and was gifted more items on my list than I could have imagined. In fact, until I pulled the list out the other day and re-read the scribbled text, I was unaware and surprised by how much of the list had manifested. Just goes to show, when you put it out there in the universe the atmosphere and your subconscious work in your favor.

What pulls you through the grey and dreary days of winter? You may not be as fortunate as I am to have your eyes assaulted by bold, saturated, color. Year round, no less. I am sure there is something that perks you up. For me, today it’s realizing that I can be young for the rest of my life if I can: open my eyes and heart to see light and beauty, embrace all that I receive with gratitude and love, continue to create and inspire folks, be inspired by the smallest of things, recognize that blessings and curses can be benevolent, know the universe is working in my favor especially when I am too grumpy, tired or stubborn to see it.

How ’bout you?

One Love, walk good, embracing color & waiting out winter…

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This is it!!! The long anticipated reveal of the new and much improved ila blu logo! I am so pleased with it. I hope you love it too and will celebrate and support the launch and growth of my eco-savvy, extra gorgeous, infused with intention, adornment line, ila blu! I am so grateful for my lovely and talented friend Renee, owner of Renee Rodriguez Designs. A fabulous woman and designer, Renee, heard everything I wanted and translated it into a perfectly timeless logo.

I am now offering gift certificates for $100, $150 and $300 on my website! I will also add a special gift certificate in my Etsy ila blu Boutique soon. Every holiday gift certificate is intended to launch the recipient into an amazing 2011! And, for a limited time only purchase of a gift certificate includes a complimentary, custom design, experience. Personal adornment sessions are a one of a kind jewelry indulgence in which the client informs the designer of their aspirations and intentions. The result is a fantastic and alluring personalized pendant necklace, bracelet, or ring. Gift yourself or somebody you cherish with a gorgeous, wearable reflection and statement of personal intention.

If you can’t leave for the winter you can wear ila blu. Light up someone’s life this season with a gift certificate for an ila blu, made to order, signature piece. This is a wonderful gift to embark upon a new year. I will translate your New Years resolutions into something brilliant. Make your dreams a reality with adornment intended to keep you mindful of what you want to achieve. More love, abundance, joy, self confidence, patience, lifestyle changes?

I have vast knowledge and experience with the folkloric and protective properties of semi precious stones, jewelry components and botanical findings. A lovely and loving way to support someone  who is experiencing a major transformation, i.e., becoming a mother, graduating, starting a new job, surviving the “Big C”, moving, going through a break up or divorce, starting a new phase in life, etc…

And personal adornment is an amazing way to honor a bride to be this coming year.

You name it, I got it/you, covered in adornment.

Oh yeah and stay tuned, I might just have to give away an ila blu holiday Gift Certificate. A sure fire way to get your dreams for 2011 under way…

One Love, walk good, I’m so happy it’s official.

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