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We have really amazing animal luck. I mean, it’s not like we go looking for pets. Seriously, other than the guinea pigs we’ve never actively sought pets to bring home. And yet…. Somehow, over the years we have ended up with a dog (who unfortunately passed away last year), a one legged chicken and her ever growing posse of hens, a couple of cocks (roosters), eight chicks and a tankful of very dramatic fish. And as of yesterday we are also the privileged guardians of a partridge. Yes, as in, a pear tree. I know right? Where did this extended family of creatures come from? We are sanctified with visits and strays, each arriving in a colorful array; Jamaica’s version of the animal kingdom.

Around here we believe that animals are magic. They carry a history of symbolism, folklore, cultural significance, signs and wonders to the human family. When we pay attention, and learn how to read them, we can garner valuable lessons from the messages they bear. Thus, when the wounded, baby, partridge arrived on our veranda we were immediately curious as to the meaning of it’s visit.

With a little research we’ve determined that partridges (part of the pheasant family) bring stories of fierce independence, love, fertility and cunning powers of deception. If the female birds feel threatened by a predator they will sometimes fake lameness or wounds to ward danger away from the nest. Yup. Total tricksters (for the greater good of course). Who knew?

Our partridge, Free Bird, aka Chippy, appears to have flown the roost to soon.

For me, birds are always a symbol of freedom and living above the hustle. Independence inspired. Flight. Migration, etc., hmmmmm, (more on this topic soon). I have intentionally avoided the acquisition of any more pets until we are settled on our own piece of land. But by some stroke of animal fortune, we continue to receive temporary and permanent invitations from the universe to act as care takers for some of the most vulnerable. What a blessing. Our plan is to nurse the bird back to health and flight status and release it into it’s natural habitat. The King has created a make shift cage that should be quite comfortable for our new found friend. And the children are beyond themselves with joy and responsibility.

Have you received any animal messages as of late? Do tell. I love this stuff!

One Love, walk good, Welcome, Freebird Chippy…

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Silver inspiration to stir your holiday nostalgia. This snowy, white, silver, palette is as close to snow as it gets in Jamaica. Stellar fodder for supreme adornment. A glimpse of what is to come… With 2011 on the way I grow more sentimental by the day about 2010. Admittedly, I tend prosper more in the odd years. Overall, this year was filled with joy, patience and content. How about you?

It’s not been the easiest year and we’ve faced a few challenges. A couple of storms, an abundance of bureaucratic paperwork, a few disappointments, the loss of beloved family pets, (i.e., our brother dog, Cree, Mama and baby Guinea Pig, a couple of fish, etc.), witnessing Jamaica’s hardship and the turmoil caused by political strife here on the island, and an embarrassing fall in a grocery store, were the worst of it.

For our little family anyway.

But I cannot pretend there has not been much loss for many, many people. Haiti is still ravaged by the destruction brought by January’s earthquake, recent storms and the incidence of cholera. The passing of many Jamaicans here and abroad (including a young, very special friend) has left sadness inna whole heap of  hearts. The loss of Reggae artists, Gregory Issacs, Sugar Minott, and several more, leave a devastating impact on the Reggae world. Our hearts and positive meditation go out to those who have lost. Perhaps, 2011 can bring peace and healing and homes to those who need them most. Perhaps each one will finally teach one and balance will be born.

I am inspired and excited for what’s to come. As my bizness grows, my hands are busier and busier. Gratitude. As the custom orders roll in and the finished product rolls out, Gratitude. I can’t help but smile when I think of all that has grown from this yard, this precious time, this little ol’ blog. All that has grown from my family, my hands, the divine communication and collaboration I’ve been blessed with.

It’s been an fabulous year! I hope you will agree.

For those of you who have suffered loss in 2010, I wish you peace. I wish that joy finds it’s way into your heart, into your home and comes to curl up on your lap and make you smile. I hope your grief passes with the end of the year and that it is transformed into inspiration, healing and a close connection with all that is. Everything is everything. We are one…

I give thanks for each and every one, your readership and support are my fuel.

One love, walk good, optimism prevails, may you be inspired…

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I have been feeling homesick. The holidays can bring nostalgic sensations and memories for so many folks. I snapped this shot yesterday in Negril. Somehow, the image carries me to a simpler time. It reminds me of the mother, father, child trinity that is celebrated this time of year. Giraffes wear such nobility and represent groundedness, vision and a spiritual knowing. They are visioning the future and what is beyond the horizon. They are gentle hearted and not afraid to take risks for love, spirit, family. Happy to stick their necks out for the appropriate causes.

I desire today to embrace a similar sense of knowing. Knowing that everything is everything and all is as it should be. To invite a brighter light into my heart and to trust in the spiritual order of things while being grounded in the physical present. To have the courage to take risks, in my relationships, and in my work. Sticking your neck out there certainly isn’t easy. Giraffes come by it naturally and can aid us in such meditations and doings. They hover above the horizon gifted with vision of the future and seeing everything to come long before those of us down here. Giraffes trust in what is to come. Today I need to trust.

If you are cold, anxious, lonely, scared, sad or taking a risk you feel shaky about, may these giraffes be a comfort to you. A true power animal, they have so much to teach us. I hope this glimpse of white sandy beach, sunshine, turquoise waters and azure skies can bring you a moment of joy and warmth this season. It has been a tough year with many losses. But on the horizon a new dawn is coming. With the setting of the 2010 sun will come a glorious day in 2011. Embrace what’s on the horizon, trust in what is and what is to be. Hold the vision, the faith and the knowing. Open your heart, stick out your neck for love and hold on…

One love, walk good, today I need to trust…

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