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Full moon in cancer. Need I say more.

This week has been a weepy one. The moon showing her bright, naked self has shifted me into a state of embracing bare simplicity. Stripped down, it is easier to see what is enduring. Tears flow to soothe and make space for…

These days the words are less. What is, is. Everything is everything. Life first.

Shards of sunlight cut across the landscape, my family, my studio, my face. I welcome the stark bareness of it all. Minimal at it’s brightest, finest, moment. Warming hearts and lighting up the darkness. Clearing the way for what is to come.

Pages turned, doors opened, gates unlocked.

Light pushes through.

Graceful duplicity…

One Love, walk good, loving the sun and the moon…

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P48ZXE27M4QK No tricks, (just my technorati claim code) but here’s a treat. Prompted to identify the feelings that I want to experience in my life, home and work, I recently created this list as a reminder.

I want to feel energetic, affluent, joyful, grateful, connected, current, sacred, irie, empowered, excited, passionate, fabulous, feminine, strong… I added a photograph, some skrap layers and digital effects. We all have to start somewhere. How do you want to feel? What are you working toward? Do you know?

If you’re not familiar with Danielle LaPorte, I highly recommend her site Fire Starter Sessions, for anyone who is looking to fire up their bizness, boost entrepreneurial aspirations, feel more enthusiastic about work or reinvent themselves! Danielle is a rock solid, business wiz, entrepreneur, real diva. Her writing and wisdoms are pure and clear. Check out her White Hot Truth posts!

One Love, walk good, meditating Tomas, the storm, up, up, and away. Feel free to join me.

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Warning! If you are committed to the advantadges and convenience of your global positioning system device, and furthermore, can’t bear the thought of driving without plugging your handy gadget into it’s car mounted, socket:

this post may not be for you!

GPS boasts many benefits. Never get lost again, talk on your cel phone hands free, and automatically communicate to authorities at the scene of an accident, are a crucial few reasons to own a GPS gizmo. I am not yet entirely convinced. Yeah clearly, it’s a helpful tool but what are the cons?

Let’s face it, and in favor of serendipity (always), there are places that your internal navigation system will take you that GPS will never go. Gut instinct will drive, walk, fly, you to destinations that open life changing doors of communication, acquaintances and relationships. Think about it, GPS tells you to advance “200 meters and turn right”, arriving you in a polite and timely manner. Serendipity beckons you around the corner where you find the sweetest little abandoned puppy awaiting rescue. Instant Superhero!!! GPS tells you to “merge left”. Intuition sparks you to jump in a taxi and head for the L train. When you jump out you spot a hundred dollar bill in the seam of street and sidewalk. Serendipity urges you to split it with the cabby. GPS doesn’t allow for sideways ducking into a hole in the wall, sub-street level, joint, where you order a salad  and meet your meet your first literary agent. Serendipity loves salad. GPS reminds you of the sharp left turn you are approaching and reminds you again when you miss it. Serendipity convinces you to take a right and go up three blocks which lands you in a devastating pothole, tire fatality, incident. You are offered a hand by the man, who years later, asks for yours.

Yeah, I get it with the GPS thing. I can see it being really helpful when your lost and it guards against asking for directions…

In the end, for me, serendipity always wins. She is my roadside, driving, walking, creating, companion and has yet to steer me wrong. Have I told you about the time I stopped in a one exit town near the coast to ask for directions?

One Love, walk good, serendipity rules…

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Contemplating home…

And all of the glorious feelings that accompany home…

One love, walk good, soon come…

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Behind this virtual door, is the give away prize. I hope you are paying attention because I really wouldn’t want to see you miss out. This process has been delayed by a day or so which is why you are seeing blu door #2 and not meeting the prize piece just yet.  Considering all of this uploading is happening from Jamaica, a day late is quite reasonable.  If you’ve been here, you know. Thank you for being patient.  And I assure you it will be well worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to tap into your creative side. As sunshine is a bit more consistent in this season we can wander, stroll, and ride around town looking for the things that call to our creative selves. Doorways have always appealed to me and are great fodder for the  photography habbit. They are also symbolic of transformation and beginnings…

What calls to your creative side when you open the door (this can be literal or figurative)? I plead with you to stop saying that “you don’t have a creative side” or that you are “not very creative”. We are all blessed with something spectacular and extraordinary, whether we have “a good eye” for design, in photography, art, fashion or are able to do something crafty with our hands, sometimes it is our prowess of listening or speaking that shines. Maybe you mix beats or make music mixes, plant flowers in your garden, write the best travel postcards ever, make the most amazing Italian food or rock the theatrical game of charades while dancing to Vivaldi.  Whatever it may be, there is some creative ability that you are either unaware of or hiding from the world because you don’t think of it as creative. Open your minds eye, and look at your environment in a new way. What speaks to you or looks the brightest, what do you notice again and again? Open your door and create or share creatively. I would love to hear/read about whatever it is that moves you. C’mon now, give us whatcha got!

One Love, Creating…

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You never know what is around the corner.  Life is so full of surprise and mystic happenings.  When you dare to open unexpected doors, you often wind up in marvelous places.  The picture above is the archway of a castle on the West End of Negril.  For me, this shot represents life’s expansive possibility and serendipity.  The entire castle is made of stone.  Each one of them hand carved.

I am fascinated and very attracted to arches and doorways.  They are icons of opportunity and transformation.  I was blessed this weekend with an opening disguised by bureaucracy.  And in the blink of an eye I left my home and current country of residence.  Closing the car door at the airport, I said goodbye to my precious family.  Leaving them wrenched my heart.

Ironically, what initially seemed like an uprooting, pain in the behind, circumstance, resulted in a fabulous opportunity.  I am planning a trunk show, featuring my jewelry designs, in a very high-end establishment.  The details of which will undoubtedly evolve over the course of a year or so.   Very exciting news. Today, I am mindful of doors and the many ways that they open.  Sometimes, doorways that are difficult to open or hard to close lead us to the most blessed chances…

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