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It’s easy to forget that sometimes life is simple…

May you seek to be what you are. In every little thing you do, reach for the stars.

Be amazed and humbled by the gift of breath.

live what you love. elevate the everyday. b one of a kind. organic. seek beauty.  less is more. essential. work at balance. balance at work. communicate. breathe in joy. handcraft. earth. love the one. love yourself. share. invent. share more. reinvent. family first. grow. structure. flow. live music. revere friends. embrace sensuality. dance. cherish. sunshine. vision love. simplify. smile. live more. document. construct archetypes. write. artifacts. ancient. contemporary. classic. write more. be kind. read books. collect. let go. inspire. primitive genius. b the alternative. more life. make stuff. practice abundance. build sanctuary. walk good. live up. make more stuff. sip tea. love fruit. eat your greens. see the world in a bead. dream. achieve. be. one.

if you do only one thing, do good.

One Love, walk good, do good…

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P48ZXE27M4QK No tricks, (just my technorati claim code) but here’s a treat. Prompted to identify the feelings that I want to experience in my life, home and work, I recently created this list as a reminder.

I want to feel energetic, affluent, joyful, grateful, connected, current, sacred, irie, empowered, excited, passionate, fabulous, feminine, strong… I added a photograph, some skrap layers and digital effects. We all have to start somewhere. How do you want to feel? What are you working toward? Do you know?

If you’re not familiar with Danielle LaPorte, I highly recommend her site Fire Starter Sessions, for anyone who is looking to fire up their bizness, boost entrepreneurial aspirations, feel more enthusiastic about work or reinvent themselves! Danielle is a rock solid, business wiz, entrepreneur, real diva. Her writing and wisdoms are pure and clear. Check out her White Hot Truth posts!

One Love, walk good, meditating Tomas, the storm, up, up, and away. Feel free to join me.

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