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Life on the rock is bold, bathed and saturated in color.

But how does it look in black and white?

Challenged, once again, by the dear shutter sisters, I am experimenting with black and white. I gathered a few images that inspire me lately and arranged them in shadow and light. A bouquet of photos. in joy!

One Love, walk good, altering the view…


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Life is full of great things. I am full of gratitude for all that I have. My family, friends, manual prowess, creativity and connection to nature make me the happiest girl in the world. But let’s face it (and this becomes increasingly apparent with every birthday I collect), not everyone can have a great ass!

I mean really, it’s just not for everyone. But who doesn’t want a great ass? And so, after much acceptance and deliberation, I decided to make my very own great ass. Not just for myself, but for all for of us who’d like to have one but can’t fathom lunges, crunches, obtaining a personal trainer, plastic surgery, padded panties, silicon ass enhancers, or snowboarding. The image of this ass was clicked at the Negril Donkey Races last year. You can see the original bold and super saturated image here. I made copies of the original image and trimmed and painted, inked, cut, shifted, glued, pasted, digitally enhanced and added the donkey to a mixed media, collaged back ground. I like to call this style of work collage poetry.

TaDa!!! That’s one great ass, right?  Not sure where to hang him yet but I think he is a helpful reminder that every ass can be great. If you want it bad enough!

I hope you in joy today’s layered installment.

One Love, walk good, and it’s okay, not everyone can have a great ass!

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Friday couldn’t come fast enough this week. I am guessing you agree. I stayed up late again. Layering always gets the best of me. What started as a simple pen sketch, months ago has grown into a multi layered piece of work. When it comes to mixed media, collage poetry, paint, paper, ephemera, layers, etc, I honestly can’t get enough. I think I injoy it more than any other form of artistic expression.

I have an unlimited attention span and focus when it comes to such works. I literally get lost for hours, sometimes days. I am so blessed to have a family, husband in particular, who reminds me to come up for air, water food. Girl, Bird, Contemplate all came together with some last minute digital touches I am please with the final result. My white pens are out of ink which explains the imperfect outlining. But rumor has it there is a visitor on the way to the rock. Hopefully with handfuls of white pens, which I can hardly survive without!

What are you working on this weekend? I hope it’s something that brings you joy!!!

One Love, walk good, contemplating layers…

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START SOMETHING YOU LOVE. This is my 2011 wish for you. Start this year with gratitude. It always pays off. Start this year with passion. It always pulls you closer to your highest self. Start this year with joy. It’s good for your health.

Life is short. Start something you love…

A book. Yoga. A new journal or diary. A skrapbook to document the amazing things instore for you this year. Take photos. Write. Organize. Build something. Paint. Host a weekly/monthly meet up with someone you love. A new friendship. A book club. Dinner. A blog. A new attitude. Take a class. Enroll in an online course. Sketch. Draw. Sew. Run. Cook. Dance. Grow. Start something you love…

Happy Birthday Wishes to one of my oldest & dearest, Chris!!!

One Love, walk good, you gotta be startin’ something…

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I have arrived on the rock with an appetite for creating. I embrace Monday with a new vigor and intend to coax it gently into something divinely transformative. If you are here for the short version of this post, my journey to NY and back goes something like this:

  • Manhattan
  • three ladies and a gentleman
  • give to receive
  • art on the streets
  • the significance of being the one
  • Brooklyn
  • serendipity is better than GPS
  • travel with a smile
  • the transformative power of rain on a zinc roof

A passion for street art was rekindled on my trip and leaves me even more obsessed with graffiti and particularly the layering of artists work over artists work. The layers of city walls, trains, and billboards converge and peel away to reveal something significant and telling. Something telling of an era, it’s people, languages and the magic that is expressed in the midst of city dailies. Each layer is as different as the percussive raindrops that now strike my zinc roof in symphony. None is quite so extraordinary with out the presence of the other/s. Raindrops + zinc roof = sonata.

This is true of people. The fact that we are not nearly as interesting as the relationships and connections we share. Our facets are highlighted best by the nature of the folks around us. I was blessed to meet a handful of super fly individuals while in I was in the city. Fabulous additions to my NY list of friends and family. And at least half a dozen more reasons to work toward a trunk show in Manhattan!!! Each character, novel worthy and gifted with passion and talent. I mean like, spilling over with art/lyrical/design/culinarymojo/techno-graphical/musical/poetic prowess. Spilling over into the city, into the streets, on to each other in a frenetic shimmer that at too close a stare, burns the eyes. Revealing something significant and telling. Something that can only exist because of the spilling and the connections shared.

The above piece is titled Rain On. This was my way of processing more than a week of heavy rains and the consequences left in it’s wake. More re: floods and recent rain destruction in Jamaica here. This is a prime example of my mixed media/digitally altered Collage Poet Series. Indeed a frenetic piece. This work is totally reliant on layers and a glorious spilling process that transpired over a number of weeks. Each layer as crucial as the last and critical as the next. Each layer forwarding the final unified effect. Kinda like people.

One Love, walk good, joyful to be back in the studio 🙂 (even if i still don’t have a ceiling)…

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Grow Oneness


“Try a Little Tenderness”


Be Kind

Practice Gratitude

Practice it Again

One Love, Walk Good, Giving Thanks…
P.S. Stay tuned for ila blu jewelry give away 🙂

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I thought I’d share some of the concepts currently circling my cranium. I am smack dab in the middle of a design overhaul for my creative biz. This phase involves re-hammering out my bizness plan, and creating a cohesive look and feel for my brand. Hopefully all of this brainstorming will eventually arrive somewhere slightly north of calm and not too far east of enthusiastic. I will be so relieved to have all of this decision making behind me.

I know I’ve shared before how much I love wordle.net. Jonathan Feinberg is genius and I find this site to be a great kick-start for creativity when I am feeling at a stand still. Today it occurred to me that wordle/s can also be used as a tool to reveal, unearth and light up a tagline, or even a name for a new business. Type in the words swarming in your head, click go and watch your wordle, word collage appear. Good Luck and injoy.

One love, walk good, brainstorming and breaking through…

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