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Recently, I had the pleasure of creating these one of a kind Charm Lura™ pendants for a long time classmate and friend (from the high school years). I love making Mommy necklaces as they carry a special vibration and purpose. I incorporated Jamaican limestone inside of the charms and added swarovski pearl, amber and czech glass for “sparkle”. A huge fan of yellow, Melissa naturally gravitated toward the warm, yumminess of copper and amber.

It is especially good fortune (krafty karma) to design and create pieces for creative folks. As a mom and crafter, Melissa, knows the significance and value of hand made, intentional, lovelies. Melissa is the owner of  Lullababes, Hip Blankies for the Next Generation. If you know any expecting mommies or toddlers who’ve recently lost their blankies, Melissa’s handmade hipster blankets rock! Lullababes blankets are thoughtful, unique, loving gifts. You can learn more about Melissa’s crafty success and purchase her handmade blankets here.

Charm Lura™ pendants make fabulous Mother’s gifts and necklaces, or bracelets. Here is a photo of the alternate sides of Melissa’s charms. She chose to include the birth years as well as names in her one of a kind ila blu piece. Melissa, I wish you the best of everything (especially crafty aspirations) this coming year. In joy!

One Love, walk good, Happy New year!

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This is picture taken at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge. You know, like from that S&G song. I altered it a touch to get the full effect. It’s a sunshiney reminder of how beautiful October was in NYC this year. Maybe it will warm you up. At the very least the orange, saturated hues are intended to strike your retina’s fancy! We are hearing most parts of the world are pretty darn cold right about now! Bundle up baby! It’s even a bit chilly on the rock. I mean like blankets on the bed, zip up sweater style! Rare Form. But we’re still rockin’ flip flops.

This is the last and only post before the give away. Note, this is not the give away post, but the next post will be. The winner will receive a $100.00 ila blu gift certificate for a signature, statement piece of ila blu jewelry and a complimentary design session! Below are  directions for sign up, one more time for those who have yet to join in on the fun. Please remember to sign up and leave a comment on the next post or you will not be entered into the random drawing/give away! There are only two things you have to do to enter:

1. make sure you are subscribed to this blog (i.e., you receive email notifications of new posts).

2. Leave a comment on the “Give Away Post” (which will be the next post) I usually don’t tell you when it’s coming.This should be super easy for y’all!

3. If you have any last minute questions contact me and I will sort you out!


Subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com (sign up box can be found in the right) hand sidebar. Don’t worry I don’t spam. The only commitment you are making is to receive an email every time I post. Which can be a really good thing if you like my adornment work and would like to win/own a piece.

Pay attention to posts and look for the final Give Away Post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: “The Give Away Post”.

View the “The Give Away Post” and picture and leave a comment on the “Give Away” piece of jewelry. You must leave a comment, no matter how simple to qualify to win. You can say “nice piece”. But feel free to be creative, kind, or adoring. :) I will enter all participants (those who comment), into a digital randomizer to determine the winner.

Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!


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Indeed it’s the busy season. And it occurs to me I have yet to show you any of the recent custom orders I have created, shared and adorned. I am particularly fond of Charm Lura™ pendants (featured above). I so cherish the bending, filing, twisting, infusing, sanding and shining of these precious little charms, amulets and talismans. Each radiates a story and energy of it’s own. It’s almost as though the pendants come alive. I incorporate botanical findings, text and various elements to articulate the intention/s of the client. A charming way to personalize the jewelry experience…

This is a sublime and lovely way to adorn yourself and/or your loved ones. Especially if you have a soft spot in your heart for Jamaica.  Charm Lura™ pendants are a fabulous and personal way to carry your intentions, aspirations, goals and a little piece of the rock with you. Even better, these pieces are totally customizable, color, text, elements, semi precious stones, etc. What’s your inspiration?

Have you finished up your holiday shopping?

Why not do something different this year? One of a kind, handmade in Jamaica, blows doors on China mass production. How fun for the recipient. Something to look forward to in 2011. Give voice to somebody’s dreams, aspirations and intentions when you gift them the opportunity to design their own statement piece of jewelry! Consider an ila blu gift certificate to gift yourself or a loved one. And for a limited time only, receive a free adornment session with the purchase of an ila blu gift certificate for $100.00 or more. A truly transformative experience. Recipients engage in design process via skype, email or phone to guide the creation of their ila blu statement piece/s. Together we design meaningful adornment to bring growth and joy to the wearer!

Still not convinced? Don’t worry you can win ila blu adornment! Yes for free!

Sign up to receive messages when I post and participate in ila blu jewelry give aways. The last give away for 2010 will be with in a couple of weeks. The winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate redeemable for an ila blu adornment session and piece of ila blu statement jewelry! I know right! Awesome! And free! Don’t hesitate, go to the top of this blog, and look in the right hand, side bar, you will see a sign up form. Remember, the only commitment you are making is to receive email messages re: new posts. No obligations. Then keep your eye out for the post title “Give Away Post” (this shouldn’t be too hard, i.e., once you’ve subscribed to something blu, you receive an email every time I post). Make sure to leave a comment on the Give Away post for your chance to win this awesome jewelry prize and consultation!!!

One Love, walk good, back to the studio…



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You know that Etta James Song, At Last? This is the soundtrack that accompanies this post and the long awaited launch of my ila blu Etsy Boutique ! I am bubbling over with joy to announce the boutique launch. I have waited too long. And alas, have sorted out shipping issues for the jewelry currently listed in my etsy shop. Please take some time to browse. Don’t be surprised if you see something listed that you and yours simply cannot live without!!! Remember! If you adore any or all of my designs mark them with a heart in my shop to increase  ila blu boutique ratings!

I am thrilled to share this shop link with you today, although there are only a handful of pieces listed. My boutique doors are wide open and we await your gorgeous faces, input and  fine taste. I know you will find something perfect for the holidays, a gift for yourself (you know, to wear to all the fabulous parties you will attend this festive season). Or if you must, perhaps a gift for someone else…

What a better way to support the handmade movement and one of your favorite designers (yes it’s me!!!), than to purchase an ila blu design for you and yours this holiday season. There are several necklaces to show off my 3 5 7™ and mini bundle™ collections. ila blu designs are guaranteed to draw compliments and attention. A sure fire way to gift original style, ila blu designs are one of a kind and limited edition productions. Designed to compliment  a world of complexions, ila blu jewelry, is eco savvy, chic, classic, bold, and perfect for any and every occasion.

Stay tuned! I will offer custom adornment gift certificates next week. This one of a kind, limited time offer will include a custom designed charm lura™ pendant (necklace, bracelet, or ring) or a custom designed mini bundle™ necklace and adornment session. Through a brief  verbal exchange I translate your affirmations and intentions into a one of a kind, statement, signature piece of ila blu jewelry. A treasure. New years resolutions can be embraced and expressed through ila blu custom adornment. Client guided, personalized adornment. Infused with intention.

Reasons to purchase a custom, one of a kind, ila blu design and adornment session

  1. I will only offer 33 complimentary adornment sessions. After the 33 adornment session trials, a consultation fee will be added to custom orders.

  2. Totally unique jewelry and gift idea.

  3. Think of all the compliments you will receive upon gifting friends or family with ila blu!

  4. Think of all the compliments you will receive wearing one of a kind ila blu designs to holiday engagements!

  5. Rumor has it ila blu adornment transforms lives!!!

  6. You look gorgeous in ila blu!

  7. ila blu designs are infused with intention to remind you of the intentions and affirmations you aspire to achieve!

  8. This is an eco savvy, socially responsible, cruelty free gift to or from you!

  9. If you participated in the ila blu give away you can receive a 5% discount!

  10. Adornment sessions with ila blu designer S.B. Lyngo (me) are an exceptional experience resulting in deeply loved, personal, co-created, heirloom quality, jewerly designs.


If you participated in but did not win the most recent ila blu give away, check your email for a 5% discount code. Copy and paste the code at checkout to receive discount! Code can also be used for gift certificates, available next week. If you don’t receive the code and know you participated check your spam. If you still didn’t get it contact me at s@ilblu.com.

One Love, walk good, celebrating…

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Life is precious and to be cherished and embraced with great care. May you always be surrounded with a mystic golden light. May the arms of the divine surround you in a bountiful and earthly fashion. May flowers bloom in your eyes and where you live. May you b guided by love. May your words continue to reflect the great oneness that each and every one share. May you share and be shared with. May you live in the mystic. May gratitude dance around you. May the rythym of your heartbeat resonate throughout the universe. May life, love and laughter be your closest acquaintances… Always and in all ways. Love Life and may you be loved!

I am ecstatic to announce the winner of the somethingblu/ilablu give away. Gwendolyne Guzman One of my favorite people in the whole, wide world is the winner! Gwen, an international citizen and globally mobile individual is an amazing woman! We have only spent 5 or so hours in the actual presence of one another yet maintained contact since the blessed day of our first meeting. Gwen, will receive this Cherish Life, Charm Lura, Copper Revival Series necklace! Thanks to Random.org for their integer randomizer. 🙂

Have you ever met someone and known in an instant that you were always and would always be connected? If you haven’t yet I hope you do soon! I was blessed to meet this special sista on a very small airplane. We instantly vibed in a powerful and eternal way. She always leaves the most beautifully written comments on this blog. I am grateful for her acquaintance, friendship, uniqueness and love connection to the island of Jamaica. I wish that you all could win but am tickled that Gwen did. 🙂 Congratulations lovely Queen!

Oh and all of you are winners. I offer all participants a 10% discount on any ila blu purchase/custom order. You know who you are. Now order a custom piece or save your discount for the grand opening of my etsy boutique (opening when the rebranding is complete) which will be soon, soon, soon! I will email participants a code word to use for custom order or shop launch. Save it in your email for later or use it for a piece now!

One Love, Walk Good, I NY

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So grateful to be back on line. We have experienced unprecedented amounts of rain this last week. Only now are we drying out, recovering and able to glimpse our healing Jamaican sunshine. Wow! I have no ceiling in my studio. It collapsed during the storm. Chances are we could have stopped some of the damage and saved the pets had we been home. But we were enjoying, or actually weathering, a long weekend on the North Coast. We were stranded for almost a week…

Bridges have washed away. Roads have washed away. Houses have washed away. People have died. Pets were lost. Two of our three guinea pigs didn’t make it, sniff, sniff. 😦  The roads are so bad that by the time we arrived in the west on Thursday we were locked out of our neighborhood by huge bodies of water at all three entrance points. Four feet and a few inches of water.

A line of cars parked at the base of the growing lake, unsure as to their fate should they brave the wet. This was our last and only potential to reach home. We clenched our teeth and cheered our twenty plus year old Toyota on as she swam through the pool sized puddle that gathered at the foot of Orange hill. She filled up with water and I had to hold my computer bag up, up, up to keep it dry. Later on, my husband confessed his fear. He thought for sure she would sink and that we would have to grab our stuff and the children and wade through the chest high water. But she made it! Ever faithful and enduring. Wouldn’t trade that car for anything, well maybe for a truck… A very tall one.

We arrived at the house in the pouring rain only to discover that it was raining inside too. Hours of wiping turned into a meditation. And somehow, we transformed our distress into gratitude. We were able to have dinner at our small family table. We were warm and dry. We still had electricity. Big smile.

Now it is time for sunshine. Lots of it! Drying out the car, the house, the land, the laundry, etc… Soon we will fix the roof. Our land is nearly impossible to get to but the water levels are slowly lowering. I hope that this bright sunshine stretches over the island and shows it’s face in Haiti too (where there is also lots of suffering/floods). We never had a clue that a small “weather disturbance” could have such an impact here on the rock!

On a more positive note, I wanted to share a little piece of blu sky with you.

This is Celestrina blu, a custom shield necklace I made for a client last month! injoy!


Collection Custom Artifact: August 2010
Family Shield Necklace
Type One of a Kind
Mood joyful
Elements Sterling Silver, Apatite, Swarovski Pearl, Turquoise, misc. Vintage & Contemporary Glass
Prowess Clarity, Communication, Spirituality, Strength, Transformation, Peace

One Love, walk good, loving the sunshine…

P.S. Stay tuned for the ila blu adornment give away!!!

Only slightly delayed by the weather. 🙂

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I am so happy to see a few new members/subscribers to this blog. I do feel it imperative however to remind and invite folks again and again to subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com. I truly injoy sharing my pieces with the community. My work has evolved in boundless directions over the last two decades. And creating one of a kind pieces for one of a kind people is a gift.

This piece, One Love, is from the Charm Lura Collection, Copper Revival Series.

A hand salvaged, upcycled copper (from the rock), resin treated, pendant, swings from a delicate 18” copper chain, has a copper lobster claw clasp. Reads “One” on one side and “Love” on the other.

A perfect affirmation piece. An everyday reminder to stay in the positive and remember that we are One. A mindful piece of adornment that carries a message of equality and compassion. Wear this necklace on bleaky fall, and winter days and add a little piece of love and light to your wardrobe.

Prowess: One Love, Unity, Life Energy…

Hmmmmmmmm, 🙂

So far folks love the Charm Lura™ Pendants, Earrings and Mini Bundles™ best.

It will be a challenge to decide which type of precious piece will go to a new home!

I give thanks for those participating and if you have yet to sign up for the somethingblu blog and click here for instructions/info to qualify for the ila blu fabulous jewelry give away!

One Love, Walk Good, injoying the process…

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Greetings from the rock. I hope this weekend finds you sunny and fabulous. I know the grills are fired up, beer cans and fireworks are crackin’, somewhere, somebody is rockin’ a fruit salad and the beaches are full this weekend in the U.S.A.. It’s quiet and grey here in Jamaica and although I am missing camping and celebrations with family and friends, there is indeed something lovely about escaping the red, white and blue, hustle and bustle, of the fourth of July weekend. Loving the rock.

I share with you today tiny bits of blu. Introducing the mini bundle: Collection: 357, Species: Necklace. Turquoise, Chalcedony, Copper, Crystal, Glass and Lapis Lazuli, offer  just the right  touch of something even if all else fails. This necklace boasts illumination, harmony and awareness. The ancient Egyptians considered Lapis to be symbolic of and a gateway to sacred knowledge. Because of the geographic breadth of lapis trade in early times, this stone is often associated with friendship and harmony amongst human kind.

The perfect accoutrement to almost any outfit. From denim to damask, this mini bundle will carry through from dawn to dusk. A whole lot of style packed into almost two inches, the mini bundle can be worn on a chain, organza, cord etc. The sky really is the limit with this design, made to order in a variety of colors, stones, meanings etc.

One Love, walk good & injoy…

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What’s yours, is yours! Thanks so much to everyone for participating. I hope you enjoyed this little series leading up to the love. Prize, etc. I’ve posted yet another view of CoCo Love that we may all bid her farewell and a safe, happy journey to the home of her fortunate proprietress… Tata, CoCo. Or so wi say, ‘pon dis likkle islan…

Congratulations to our lovely winner, hailing from Greece, Frieda!!!

A big thanks to http: random.org for granting a winner.

Please stay tuned as this will not be the last of the lovelies. I am hoping you will all continue to drop by to see wasssup in the studio etc. I am currently involved in many projects the first and foremost involves streamlining my online profile/s. This is challenging as my experience/skills in such technical matters (although expanding everyday) are still hovering at mid pre-school level. I am opening my online shop and will keep you posted as to the status of the grand opening, super excited about that and I just know you are too!

I am building a virtual home for my mixed media, work. I will eventually have a shop for this endeavor as well. I am enthusiastic and hope that you’ll accompany me as I launch this window of my art life and work. There is an ila blu, facebook fan page in the works and you are so invited. More on that later.

In the meanwhile, pass on the love.

Make your own offering, no matter how tiny. Gifting is the greatest gift next to life. So extend yourself, your words, your kindness, your creations, your time, your money, your wisdom, your things. It all comes back to you. Ten fold. Squared…

One Love, on to the studio… P.S. It’s still the 17th here.

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Final Post!!! We’ve arrived, destination: Jewelry Give Away. Remember, you have to comment on the final post to be entered in this drawing. This is the ila blu offering, CoCo Love. Collection: Charm Lura. Species: pendant/necklace. Etched copper, love pendant, accompanied by coconut, turquoise and faceted glass, swings on a sterling silver, contemporary, Italian chain (18″). Are you loving her? Mmmm copper.

Prowess: Life energy, communication, compassion and protection for it’s wearer. CoCo Love is warm in summer or winter. Coconut shell (known as a symbol of endurance and spirituality) echos the tropics. The blu of the turquoise and glass grounds this piece in harmony. CocoLove elevates the everyday in a mindful way. A positive and healing affirmation for yourself or as a gift. This piece could easily be incorporated into a wedding, adorned by the bride on her neck or around her bouquet. Bring on the comments and the best of luck to ya.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I am giving you the time and space to comment on this post. The drawing will take place Wednesday, June 16, and the winner announced Thursday, June 17. 🙂

One Love, hope you’re winning…

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