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Paint, digital and textile media are running things in the studio this week. Today I am featuring infamous, studio patron goat, Luma. She is not entirely random, I am after all, a capricorn. And this is my goat.

I’m over at StudioJRU again for Sneak Peek Studio Friday! Lots going on in this lil studio as of late. I am occasionally blessed with flash floods in the form of creative brain surges (i.e., ideas). The last few days have been a consistent onslaught of artistic imaginings. Inspiration doesn’t sleep. I lay awake visioning, untangling, planning, problem solving. I am practicing inhaling gratitude. It is at the root of everything. Sincere, humble gratitude for life, breath, sunshine, greens, time to create, fruit, my hands, my family…

But perhaps most of all this week, I am grateful for the abundance of the ilaful, strikingly beautiful, color saturated, coat of mother nature that dances daily across the horizon.

Super excited about branching into flora adornment, head dressings, blooms of color, etc. Above is an example of my recent explorations and musings with floral creations. I am currently focused on durability and the versatility of wearability. Ideally, accents and accessories of this fine blend can be worn as brooches, hair pins, or clips, etc. More ideas and lovelies soon come.

It’s the last week of painting class and I’m already missing it. I thrive on the consistency and challenge of keeping up with assignments, community encouragement, feedback and all. I am still catching up as I find painting time slips away into the oblivion. The thing is the only way to do it, is to do it! So I’m gettin’ busy with many mediums but most of all paint. I have a long way to go. And I am thrilled to be painting often. 🙂


In the meanwhile, I am wishing you a fabulous weekend. Full of color, floods of inspiration, rest and relaxation, and anything that you find beautiful!

One Love, walk good, living in gratitude, especially when things get sticky…

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You can’t always get what you want is an old adage, cheezy sentiment, Rolling Stones tune and a general rule. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. And apparently, that’s okay. I am forever learning this lesson. Whether it is the inconvenience of not having stable electricity during storm season, not finding what you crave at the market yet having to make dinner again anyway, receiving a rejection note from a publisher, not seeing your family when you miss them most, or failing to carve out the quiet time that you need to accomplish looming tasks and creative endeavors, you can’t always get what you want.

I am in the midst of a design overhaul for my bizness. It has created a heap of creative chaos, identity crisis, overwhelm, frustration, indecision, need I go on? It has been down right painful (partly because I have limited time to devote to this project) and I think this process is kicking my ass. Seeing the above picture of my precious little ones reminds me exactly how I feel.

The photo was taken some time ago. I remember the day perfectly. We stopped for lunch at a little cook shop in MoBay. It was pouring rain and the children were playing with a small, rapidly, deflating balloon. It popped and all hell broke loose. They blamed each other for their loss and launched into hysteria. In unison,  “I want my bayoon” . Heart wrenching, really. But you know what I told them? You got it!  “You can’t always get what you want”. It took awhile to quell them. I think the food helped because eventually the wailing ceased.

Were I to wail it would probably sound something like this “I want to be done, I want to be done with this”. And guess what? Right again,

“You can’t always get what you want”!

“But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need”…

That’s all for today folks.

One Love, Walk good, getting what I need…

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Creative Chaos vs: Control. Woooooiiiii!!! Some days it all seems like too much. When your two year old (soon to be 3, trust me, it’s big trouble when I don’t clarify) spills an entire bowl of beads on the floor and walks away saying “I don’t know how dat happon”. This of course, after she cries incessantly  for the beads because she is after all, a beader. You hesitate and concede insisting that she stay in one place (i.e., at the table) and not carry the bowl of about a million beads around so that it spills to the floor. When you step out to the line to hang laundry only to be attacked by ants who apparently formed a nest right under your foot since the last time you pinned wet clothes. When you find out that one of the most upstanding citizens in your district (who is not yet “old”) passed away this weekend. When your finances aren’t necessarily putting their best side forward. When the studio looks like a hurricane passed through in your absence. etc… Need I go on?

That’s the time to throw your hands up and surrender to creative chaos. Something better must come. Grab the broom, some anti-sting/itch gel, buy a quart of rum (a Jamaican tradition) and plan to attend a funeral, do some creative financing and as for the studio, this too shall pass. Insert deep breath here.

I know, I know, I just encouraged you to pack a bag and head to the veranda. And I still think this sounds like a heavenly idea. A word to the wise, be prepared for damage control when you return. That’s the thing, there is no escape. Not really.

So, for today, I am feeling out of control, (which indeed, we all ultimately are). And that is gonna have to be okay. I will do what I can before heading out again to take care of some family business and maybe even have a little fun this weekend. Prioritizing is key. Two hands can only pick up so many beads. I am keeping my hands busy and planning to dirty them up a bit in the studio today. This is the only way I know to reinstate the calm. When everything spins way out I spin in by creating and surrendering to the creative chaos/goddess/universe/etc…

One Love, out of control… P.S. Did I mention the guinea pig is pregnant?

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