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Life is precious and to be cherished and embraced with great care. May you always be surrounded with a mystic golden light. May the arms of the divine surround you in a bountiful and earthly fashion. May flowers bloom in your eyes and where you live. May you b guided by love. May your words continue to reflect the great oneness that each and every one share. May you share and be shared with. May you live in the mystic. May gratitude dance around you. May the rythym of your heartbeat resonate throughout the universe. May life, love and laughter be your closest acquaintances… Always and in all ways. Love Life and may you be loved!

I am ecstatic to announce the winner of the somethingblu/ilablu give away. Gwendolyne Guzman One of my favorite people in the whole, wide world is the winner! Gwen, an international citizen and globally mobile individual is an amazing woman! We have only spent 5 or so hours in the actual presence of one another yet maintained contact since the blessed day of our first meeting. Gwen, will receive this Cherish Life, Charm Lura, Copper Revival Series necklace! Thanks to Random.org for their integer randomizer. 🙂

Have you ever met someone and known in an instant that you were always and would always be connected? If you haven’t yet I hope you do soon! I was blessed to meet this special sista on a very small airplane. We instantly vibed in a powerful and eternal way. She always leaves the most beautifully written comments on this blog. I am grateful for her acquaintance, friendship, uniqueness and love connection to the island of Jamaica. I wish that you all could win but am tickled that Gwen did. 🙂 Congratulations lovely Queen!

Oh and all of you are winners. I offer all participants a 10% discount on any ila blu purchase/custom order. You know who you are. Now order a custom piece or save your discount for the grand opening of my etsy boutique (opening when the rebranding is complete) which will be soon, soon, soon! I will email participants a code word to use for custom order or shop launch. Save it in your email for later or use it for a piece now!

One Love, Walk Good, I NY

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Meet The blu Cacoon, artifact from Collection: Sand Stone Sea Sky, Species: Necklace, One of a kind.

Hand drilled Cacoon and nikol seed harnessed in copper on a turquoise, translucent, ribbon of blu. 26” can be worn long or as a choker as short as 15”.

The blu Cacoon compliments every complexion and can be worn casually or as an elegant, natural, accoutrement in more formal settings. You choose.

A genuinely fabulous choice for year round casual style. This piece echos folklore and eco-sustainability. The naturally heart shaped Cacoon seed has long been incorporated into Jamaican adornment. The seed is also known as Chongolo, Congolo or Sea Heart and can be found in South America. Once a mariner’s favorite adornment. The pods were known to travel with sailors as well as float to tropical shores. This artifact boasts prowess in cleansing, oral tradition, one love and simple, natural beauty.

She is currently seeking a proprietress. Query: s@ilablu.com

One Love, walk good, into the blu… p.s. stay tuned for the upcoming ila blu jewelry give away!

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Sunday Mornings, we listen to a radio show called Running African. Yesterday the electricity went out, which, in the July, early morning heat, in Jamaica, is anything but nice. It seemed appropriate however, given the show topic, i.e., the current situation in Haiti, six months (and a week) after the initial quake. Most of the survivors affected by the disaster are without housing, ample nutrition, water, etc, much less current (electricity). Fortunately my husband’s cel phone boasts a functional radio so we didn’t miss too much.

The word on our likkle island is that the majority of the millions, and millions of dollars raised for Haiti have yet to be spent. A significant portion of the perishable resources haven’t been distributed. There is little information available (especially from the more powerful funding operations) re: strategies, to be implemented to support the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. Listening to interviews with volunteers and relief effort folks in Haiti was depressing, at best. The general tone is one of futility, frustration and confusion as to why changes aren’t being made more efficiently. Oh yeh, and what’s happening with the bucket loads of cash we all donated to various organizations, (the biggest of which have spent between eight and sixteen percent of their funding)?

This blog generally isn’t a place where I flaunt my political, and humanitarian slanted ideals and opinions. But when my kids are asking me questions about what they can do to help and “where did all the money go”?. I mean, I’m just sayin’. What is really going on over there? Our islands are so close across the waters and yet we rely upon the radio for our birds eye view of the horror that Haitians are still experiencing. I made the heart pictured above as a part of an homage to our Haitian brothers and sisters. My heart melted when my son took this talisman into his hands and placed it over his heart, “This is my heart too mommy”.

It is this sentiment, brought once again, by an innocent child, that I seal with a kiss and blow like a wish from my palm across the waters this morning.

We are hoping for a change. We wish for dignity and integrity, compassion and genuine human concern to over ride greed and find their rightful place in the healing efforts. We wish that those who hold the wealth, the power and the resource to restore Haiti to her magnificent, bountiful self, will make up-ful choices. We wish…

One Love, walk good, this is my heart too…

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Greetings from the rock. I hope this weekend finds you sunny and fabulous. I know the grills are fired up, beer cans and fireworks are crackin’, somewhere, somebody is rockin’ a fruit salad and the beaches are full this weekend in the U.S.A.. It’s quiet and grey here in Jamaica and although I am missing camping and celebrations with family and friends, there is indeed something lovely about escaping the red, white and blue, hustle and bustle, of the fourth of July weekend. Loving the rock.

I share with you today tiny bits of blu. Introducing the mini bundle: Collection: 357, Species: Necklace. Turquoise, Chalcedony, Copper, Crystal, Glass and Lapis Lazuli, offer  just the right  touch of something even if all else fails. This necklace boasts illumination, harmony and awareness. The ancient Egyptians considered Lapis to be symbolic of and a gateway to sacred knowledge. Because of the geographic breadth of lapis trade in early times, this stone is often associated with friendship and harmony amongst human kind.

The perfect accoutrement to almost any outfit. From denim to damask, this mini bundle will carry through from dawn to dusk. A whole lot of style packed into almost two inches, the mini bundle can be worn on a chain, organza, cord etc. The sky really is the limit with this design, made to order in a variety of colors, stones, meanings etc.

One Love, walk good & injoy…

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What’s yours, is yours! Thanks so much to everyone for participating. I hope you enjoyed this little series leading up to the love. Prize, etc. I’ve posted yet another view of CoCo Love that we may all bid her farewell and a safe, happy journey to the home of her fortunate proprietress… Tata, CoCo. Or so wi say, ‘pon dis likkle islan…

Congratulations to our lovely winner, hailing from Greece, Frieda!!!

A big thanks to http: random.org for granting a winner.

Please stay tuned as this will not be the last of the lovelies. I am hoping you will all continue to drop by to see wasssup in the studio etc. I am currently involved in many projects the first and foremost involves streamlining my online profile/s. This is challenging as my experience/skills in such technical matters (although expanding everyday) are still hovering at mid pre-school level. I am opening my online shop and will keep you posted as to the status of the grand opening, super excited about that and I just know you are too!

I am building a virtual home for my mixed media, work. I will eventually have a shop for this endeavor as well. I am enthusiastic and hope that you’ll accompany me as I launch this window of my art life and work. There is an ila blu, facebook fan page in the works and you are so invited. More on that later.

In the meanwhile, pass on the love.

Make your own offering, no matter how tiny. Gifting is the greatest gift next to life. So extend yourself, your words, your kindness, your creations, your time, your money, your wisdom, your things. It all comes back to you. Ten fold. Squared…

One Love, on to the studio… P.S. It’s still the 17th here.

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Final Post!!! We’ve arrived, destination: Jewelry Give Away. Remember, you have to comment on the final post to be entered in this drawing. This is the ila blu offering, CoCo Love. Collection: Charm Lura. Species: pendant/necklace. Etched copper, love pendant, accompanied by coconut, turquoise and faceted glass, swings on a sterling silver, contemporary, Italian chain (18″). Are you loving her? Mmmm copper.

Prowess: Life energy, communication, compassion and protection for it’s wearer. CoCo Love is warm in summer or winter. Coconut shell (known as a symbol of endurance and spirituality) echos the tropics. The blu of the turquoise and glass grounds this piece in harmony. CocoLove elevates the everyday in a mindful way. A positive and healing affirmation for yourself or as a gift. This piece could easily be incorporated into a wedding, adorned by the bride on her neck or around her bouquet. Bring on the comments and the best of luck to ya.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I am giving you the time and space to comment on this post. The drawing will take place Wednesday, June 16, and the winner announced Thursday, June 17. 🙂

One Love, hope you’re winning…

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Just a quick one today. As internet is kinda in and out up on the hill. Postponed by the weather. Thought I’d post the rules again as we have a few new comers.

Introducing: Miss. OFaux. Collection: Sand Stone Sea Sky;from the rock, species: necklace. Naturally Dyed, hand drilled, wood O’s, adorned and attached with a vintage faux pearl. Dangles from 18 in. chain.

Super comfortable in the everyday and elevates easily to dress up. Utilitarian, yet sweet and feminine. This contemporary, vintage, pretty promises to fit the bill. The subtle blu blends with a variety of pallets and is known to be a calming shade.She’s still available.

One Love, from the hill


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