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Meet The blu Cacoon, artifact from Collection: Sand Stone Sea Sky, Species: Necklace, One of a kind.

Hand drilled Cacoon and nikol seed harnessed in copper on a turquoise, translucent, ribbon of blu. 26” can be worn long or as a choker as short as 15”.

The blu Cacoon compliments every complexion and can be worn casually or as an elegant, natural, accoutrement in more formal settings. You choose.

A genuinely fabulous choice for year round casual style. This piece echos folklore and eco-sustainability. The naturally heart shaped Cacoon seed has long been incorporated into Jamaican adornment. The seed is also known as Chongolo, Congolo or Sea Heart and can be found in South America. Once a mariner’s favorite adornment. The pods were known to travel with sailors as well as float to tropical shores. This artifact boasts prowess in cleansing, oral tradition, one love and simple, natural beauty.

She is currently seeking a proprietress. Query: s@ilablu.com

One Love, walk good, into the blu… p.s. stay tuned for the upcoming ila blu jewelry give away!

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