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Wishing you a fruitful day…

One Love, walk good, eat your fruit!

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This is what winter looks like  here, in Jamaica. Well, in our yard anyway. The ackee trees are so heavy they are leaning with heavenly fruit. It’s not surprising to reach home and find a bag or  bash full of ackee waiting for us on the veranda. Yup. It happened just yesterday. Here are the lovely gifts we found on our front porch. Reaching for the sun and biding their time until we arrived. I know, I know, what you’re thinking, what a hard winter right? This is just how we do February.

A fabulously abundant tropical fruit, ackee is indeed one of my favorites. I can eat it night and day. I often do. If you haven’t tried it I would definitely add to your life list of things to do (taste) before departing. I know that it can be purchased canned in the states but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. It just doesn’t do this precious staple justice. I guess you’ll have to plan to come on down. Trust mi! We’ve got the winter blues remedies here on this little rock!

Oh yeah! And a crucial tip. You cannot eat ackee until it has ripened and opened naturally on the tree. It can be poisonous if the pods are split open before they naturally ripen. So we wait.

One Love, walk good, off to clean ackee for lunch…

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For the short version of this post skip to paragraph 4.

I do embrace the clean slated energy of Monday. Usually with zing. But, I must admit, sometimes Mondays, Tuesdays and frankly, any day of the week can grow unremarkably dull. The groceries, the bills, meal prep, laundry, domestic chores, home school, nap time, washing dishes, day in, day out, can leave a whole heap to be desired. I know, you know what I mean. It’s particularly challenging to lively up the dailies when faced with living in a rural area. I find myself missing the hustle and buzz of the big city, and most of all the chance to connect with dozens of conscious people, artists, musicians, baristas. Enlightened faces in general, make my day.

A few nights ago, my five year old held up his hand and proudly shared that “some people “call this baby finger, a pinky”. Hmmmmm, true. Did he just learn of this? This? From the boy who tells me he wants to build a house in Madagascar because it’s “highly populated with chameleons”. In a flash, I realized that there are a gazillion things I already know, that my babes are just learning or have yet to learn. I mean, simple things, like pinky fingers, hold huge fascination and W O W factor!

This is a reoccurring realization (if that’s even possible). It’s not that I forget the fact we can move mountains in home school and still be turning over pebbles in the daily. I think I just tuck it away for safe keeping. So I can be pleasantly surprised and deeply aware of fleeting glimpses of children’s light speed growth and comprehension. It’s precious and reminds me to look at every little thing with a spirit of discovery, exploration and excitement.

Here’s a tip, when things are feeling gray, dreary and repetitive to a point of nausea, peel your peepers a little wider. Look high, look low. Pretend you have the eyes and curiosity of an infant or even better, a toddler. Like things are still new. Enter Canon. My camera gives me toddler eyes. Through the lens, everything is new, challenging and often full of W O W factor!

Yesterday, for the weekly food shopping pilgrimage, I carried my camera in hand instead of in my purse. Generally, not a particularly exciting endeavor, going out for groceries, with my Canon in tow is way more intriguing. We stopped before we reached the main road so I could snap a few shots. See photo above. This flower and a multitude of other little things (that I don’t ordinarily take notice of) added up to a way better trip. Easy right? Just add camera!

How do you infuse the mundane with a little fun?

One Love, walk good, stoked for studio time today…

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My cup runneth over. Life is sweet and love is splendid. I am cozy. Art, and inspiration surround me. I live in the Caribbean, where it is warm and colorful. My trees are bursting with fruit. I can feel the sun on my back as I write. And as a dear friend said earlier this week, if your cup is full, pour a little in someone else’s cup…

My head is swarming with ideas and inspiration. Lately, I have encountered dreams and aspirations that make my heart pound a little faster. I’ve shared with you before a bit about Mondo Beyondo! The on line e-course that catapulted me into 2010 and a new level of focus and inspiration around my artistic and bizness goals. I wholeheartedly recommend the Mondo Beyondo Experience for anyone who is wanting to get in touch with their dreams and kick their passion up a notch.

One of the dreams (I’ve heard it said that dreams are goals without a date) that rose to the surface of my intentions, this last year, is to create an online course. I am not entirely clear as to the precise nature of what I will offer and how exactly the course will play out. But it is on my list. I notice that when I dream, plan, vision or write about this idea I feel exhilarated and adrenalized. Like I am flirting dangerously. Like I have a secret. Butterflies in my belly.

These sensations make me know I am on the right track. Follow the path that ignites the spark within. And so, I announce this tiny wish here. Giving it power and life. A dandelion, turned white. It’s wispy tufts blown from my heart and hands, whispers to the universe. I will do this someday.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag. Somehow (I’ve been advised), sharing this news makes me more accountable to the desire. And certainly it makes me more accountable to you. Thank you for being witness to my dreams, intentions and goals. You help me grow. Now, it’s up to me to continue to excavate, assemble and deliver. I am scanning, searching, scratching and scripting the blue prints for the vision.

In the meanwhile, I would absolutely adore feedback. So far, what have you seen here that you would like to know, do or be? Perhaps it’s a bit arrogant (confidence often gets a bad rap) of me to presume that you would embrace my offerings, teachings, etc. But the truth is, my readership continues to grow (insert humble gratitude here)! So there must be something intriguing and inviting you back, again and again. What is it for you? Please don’t hesitate to speak up! This will help me to carve and craft a phenomenal on line experience (someday, ahem).

One Love, walk good, my cup is spilling over, and I love to share…

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Life is full of great things. I am full of gratitude for all that I have. My family, friends, manual prowess, creativity and connection to nature make me the happiest girl in the world. But let’s face it (and this becomes increasingly apparent with every birthday I collect), not everyone can have a great ass!

I mean really, it’s just not for everyone. But who doesn’t want a great ass? And so, after much acceptance and deliberation, I decided to make my very own great ass. Not just for myself, but for all for of us who’d like to have one but can’t fathom lunges, crunches, obtaining a personal trainer, plastic surgery, padded panties, silicon ass enhancers, or snowboarding. The image of this ass was clicked at the Negril Donkey Races last year. You can see the original bold and super saturated image here. I made copies of the original image and trimmed and painted, inked, cut, shifted, glued, pasted, digitally enhanced and added the donkey to a mixed media, collaged back ground. I like to call this style of work collage poetry.

TaDa!!! That’s one great ass, right?  Not sure where to hang him yet but I think he is a helpful reminder that every ass can be great. If you want it bad enough!

I hope you in joy today’s layered installment.

One Love, walk good, and it’s okay, not everyone can have a great ass!

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