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It’s not often you get the opportunity to discover just how much your jewelry label has in common with an escort service out of somewhere in Missouri! And although my recent discovery made my stomach queezy like a row boat on the deep sea (in a tropical storm), and as I write this I am not feeling my full hundred, I am recovering.

The truth is, not every day can be a good day!

I feel for Saturday because it certainly is not the first day of the weekend’s fault that I am so peeved. Saturdays around here are very relaxed, we soak in sunshine, chill with the family, eat gorgeous food, and I don’t make the bed. Today is a bit different, the mood is not exactly mellow. Truthfully it’s my fault, had I followed protocol and listened to my gut (which screamed at me “no bizness today”!!!) I probably could have avoided this discovery for weeks or even months to come. ‘Nuff said.

I know we’ll get through this and maybe even laugh about it someday. Maybe.

In my last creative life, before my babes came, I was a counselor to homeless women and children. My work focused primarily on survivors of the streets, domestic violence and sex abuse. Heavy right? This cause consumed about eight years of my life. And in some ways taught me more about being a woman then I ever wanted to know. Needless to say, I have no tolerance for the trafficking, selling or dealing of human beings. It is a sensitive subject and very close to my heart. Which explains why I felt close to heartbroken to discover that somebody has co-opted the name of my jewelry label to further such interests. I suppose it could be worse, as it appears, that the individual/s involved are fully consenting adults.

But who’s to say?

Not everyday can be a good day.

Featured above is a slightly digitally altered scan of  one of my art journal entries. It sums up the tone and mood I experienced upon discovering the nasty side of  my creative life. Because sometimes words just don’t cut it.

One Love, walk good, time for some serious damage control…

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Friday couldn’t come fast enough this week. I am guessing you agree. I stayed up late again. Layering always gets the best of me. What started as a simple pen sketch, months ago has grown into a multi layered piece of work. When it comes to mixed media, collage poetry, paint, paper, ephemera, layers, etc, I honestly can’t get enough. I think I injoy it more than any other form of artistic expression.

I have an unlimited attention span and focus when it comes to such works. I literally get lost for hours, sometimes days. I am so blessed to have a family, husband in particular, who reminds me to come up for air, water food. Girl, Bird, Contemplate all came together with some last minute digital touches I am please with the final result. My white pens are out of ink which explains the imperfect outlining. But rumor has it there is a visitor on the way to the rock. Hopefully with handfuls of white pens, which I can hardly survive without!

What are you working on this weekend? I hope it’s something that brings you joy!!!

One Love, walk good, contemplating layers…

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