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This is it!!! The long anticipated reveal of the new and much improved ila blu logo! I am so pleased with it. I hope you love it too and will celebrate and support the launch and growth of my eco-savvy, extra gorgeous, infused with intention, adornment line, ila blu! I am so grateful for my lovely and talented friend Renee, owner of Renee Rodriguez Designs. A fabulous woman and designer, Renee, heard everything I wanted and translated it into a perfectly timeless logo.

I am now offering gift certificates for $100, $150 and $300 on my website! I will also add a special gift certificate in my Etsy ila blu Boutique soon. Every holiday gift certificate is intended to launch the recipient into an amazing 2011! And, for a limited time only purchase of a gift certificate includes a complimentary, custom design, experience. Personal adornment sessions are a one of a kind jewelry indulgence in which the client informs the designer of their aspirations and intentions. The result is a fantastic and alluring personalized pendant necklace, bracelet, or ring. Gift yourself or somebody you cherish with a gorgeous, wearable reflection and statement of personal intention.

If you can’t leave for the winter you can wear ila blu. Light up someone’s life this season with a gift certificate for an ila blu, made to order, signature piece. This is a wonderful gift to embark upon a new year. I will translate your New Years resolutions into something brilliant. Make your dreams a reality with adornment intended to keep you mindful of what you want to achieve. More love, abundance, joy, self confidence, patience, lifestyle changes?

I have vast knowledge and experience with the folkloric and protective properties of semi precious stones, jewelry components and botanical findings. A lovely and loving way to support someone  who is experiencing a major transformation, i.e., becoming a mother, graduating, starting a new job, surviving the “Big C”, moving, going through a break up or divorce, starting a new phase in life, etc…

And personal adornment is an amazing way to honor a bride to be this coming year.

You name it, I got it/you, covered in adornment.

Oh yeah and stay tuned, I might just have to give away an ila blu holiday Gift Certificate. A sure fire way to get your dreams for 2011 under way…

One Love, walk good, I’m so happy it’s official.

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What’s yours, is yours! Thanks so much to everyone for participating. I hope you enjoyed this little series leading up to the love. Prize, etc. I’ve posted yet another view of CoCo Love that we may all bid her farewell and a safe, happy journey to the home of her fortunate proprietress… Tata, CoCo. Or so wi say, ‘pon dis likkle islan…

Congratulations to our lovely winner, hailing from Greece, Frieda!!!

A big thanks to http: random.org for granting a winner.

Please stay tuned as this will not be the last of the lovelies. I am hoping you will all continue to drop by to see wasssup in the studio etc. I am currently involved in many projects the first and foremost involves streamlining my online profile/s. This is challenging as my experience/skills in such technical matters (although expanding everyday) are still hovering at mid pre-school level. I am opening my online shop and will keep you posted as to the status of the grand opening, super excited about that and I just know you are too!

I am building a virtual home for my mixed media, work. I will eventually have a shop for this endeavor as well. I am enthusiastic and hope that you’ll accompany me as I launch this window of my art life and work. There is an ila blu, facebook fan page in the works and you are so invited. More on that later.

In the meanwhile, pass on the love.

Make your own offering, no matter how tiny. Gifting is the greatest gift next to life. So extend yourself, your words, your kindness, your creations, your time, your money, your wisdom, your things. It all comes back to you. Ten fold. Squared…

One Love, on to the studio… P.S. It’s still the 17th here.

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Final Post!!! We’ve arrived, destination: Jewelry Give Away. Remember, you have to comment on the final post to be entered in this drawing. This is the ila blu offering, CoCo Love. Collection: Charm Lura. Species: pendant/necklace. Etched copper, love pendant, accompanied by coconut, turquoise and faceted glass, swings on a sterling silver, contemporary, Italian chain (18″). Are you loving her? Mmmm copper.

Prowess: Life energy, communication, compassion and protection for it’s wearer. CoCo Love is warm in summer or winter. Coconut shell (known as a symbol of endurance and spirituality) echos the tropics. The blu of the turquoise and glass grounds this piece in harmony. CocoLove elevates the everyday in a mindful way. A positive and healing affirmation for yourself or as a gift. This piece could easily be incorporated into a wedding, adorned by the bride on her neck or around her bouquet. Bring on the comments and the best of luck to ya.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I am giving you the time and space to comment on this post. The drawing will take place Wednesday, June 16, and the winner announced Thursday, June 17. 🙂

One Love, hope you’re winning…

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Hello Monday!!!  Greetings all, I hope this post finds you lovely as ever as we roll into summer full speed ahead. I have been working on website content and grappling with decisions about the much anticipated and slightly delayed, jewelry give away. What to give, what to give??? I have a sense now of the direction we are heading with the final prize. And in the next couple of days I will nail down the actual piece to be granted to that very lucky individual who is randomly chosen as the “WINNER” of the ila blu/ something blu blog give away!!!

One of the most fun aspects of jewelry designing is inspiration and the unexpected places it turns up. I love to work with natural resources found here on the rock. In some ways it is easy to feel frustrated on this little island w/ regards to jeweler supplies and where to get them. But living in a place that has so little to offer stock wise has left me with no choice but to think outside of the box. You can make beads from many, many things. I am fascinated/borderline obsessed with seeds and their potential application in jewelry design (see Tamarinda Gold above). Oh, and although it is not easy to buy silver wire/sheeting on the rock we definitely are not short of steel. And I continue to unearth copper to utilize in the Charm Lura, Copper Revival collection.

Today I am sharing Tamarinda Gold from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She is a rare beauty, one of a kind, mixed media, ila blu creation. She is regal, contemporary, a pioneering classic with an elegant and subtle, ancient feel. She is made of hand shaped and hammered, steel links, Tamarind seeds gathered from trees near our yard and hand drilled (by me), miscellaneous glass and gp (gold plate) findings, with a touch of copper, finished with a gorgeously smooth, smoky grey, gossamer ribbon to be tied in a small bow at the length that best suits your outfit/occasion.

Wearing this necklace brightens your day and your face. Best of all, she transitions easily from jeans and a casual top to a dressy night on the town, dinner and the theatre or straight up at the club. She is multi generational and possesses prowess in the areas of natural beauty, resourcefulness, complimenting the diamond in the ruff sentiment/personality. Lucky for you, she is still available and scheduled to be listed in my etsy shop in a number of days, hopefully less than 30.


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  2. Pay attention to posts and look for the final give away post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: Final Post.
  3. Comment on the Final Post picture. The Final Post will include a picture of the give away prize. You must comment on the jewelry featured in the Final Post to be entered in the give away drawing. You will have three full days to comment when the Final Post jewelry picture is posted.
  4. Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

One Love & Good Luck!!! 🙂

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This is It!!!!  If you’re in the San Diego, LA area don’t miss this!!! Yet to experience ila blu jewelry? This is your opportunity. If you are already a proud wearer of ila blu designs, you know this is the place to be. This show is stellar! Come out and enjoy your saturday afternoon with a divine view of SD, crudites, beverages, and a marvelous selection of ila blu jewelry. Mingle with old friends or new on a mountain top, sea view, paradise.  We are looking forward to seeing and adorning you! RSVP to Michele at (760) 218 7280 and receive a 5% discount on any  ila blu item.

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There is something so yummy about copper.  This hand crafted/etched copper pendant was designed and created with love in mind.  More life is an ode to life and part of the limited edition series: Copper Revival.  Adorned with turquoise, a dyed bronze pearl and attached to a copper chain with a hand made, sterling ring, this piece is sure to delight. I have worn copper jewelry for over a decade but only started incorporating it into my work in the last year or so.  I love the warmth and the pallet it offers.  I also adore this metal for it’s acclaimed healing properties.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians used the Ankh, the symbol of eternal life, as the hieroglyphic character for copper. Hmmmm.

Renown for its ability to aid those with arthritic and joint complications, copper, is an incredibly healing metal ore.  It is known in many cultures as a cleanser for the organs and the circulatory system. Many believe that it increases the flow of oxygen into the body and facilitates filtering out of toxins.  It is a fantastic metabolic stabilizer and a necessary mineral for physical health.  A lack of copper in the body is identified as one of the culprites of greying hair.  Western science/medicine has only tapped into the very surface of this ore’s healing abilities…

I have definitely benefited from the goodness of copper.  I find I am able to work (metal) with my hands with less stiff/soreness when I wear my copper rings and/or bracelets. This metal polishes up deliciously and has a warm tone close to that of rose gold.  A perfect gift for a bride or groom, and/or bridal party, the love pendant and sentiment will not disappoint. Copper has a good vibe and comes highly recommended by generations.

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One Love

Hail from Jamaica.  This piece sold at the ila blu (Carlsbad, CA) show.  It is a hand hammered and etched copper heart.  I adore the One Love sentiment.  I think it is particularly charming to use in wedding ceremonies, especially Jamaican weddings as the phrase was made famous by the King of Reggae, Bob Marley.  I made One Love wedding pendants and necklaces for dear friends years ago and they still wear them. 

 A wonderful way to incorporate this concept into a wedding is to create two pendants, one reading “One” and the other ”Love”.  Either the bride or groom wears both charms/pendants during the ceremony and then gifts one of the pieces (on a chain) to spouse.  Thus, each would always have a timeless symbol of “One Love”. This is a cherished piece of the wedding that the bride can enjoy with her daily wardrobe, long after her gorgeous dress is dry cleaned and packed away.  Having symbolic charms/jewelry at your wedding and after can also keep you aware and present to your wedding vows and promises…

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