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July 1st, 2018, I will show you how to create a Vision Board Journal! I will give you tips and tools to establish a practice to naturally enhance and encourage your Manifesting Potential and Results! 

Gain Clarity and Vision for your life with this Vision Journal Experience. Master visioning tools you can use to transform your LIFE and Manifest Abundance!

This workshop is the first of a 2 part series. In the second workshop we will transform inspiration from our Vision Journals into meaningful adornment! This is the last time we’ll run this workshop, this year!


*All the tools and time to you need create your own powerful Vision Journal. (You don’t have to bring a thing. I’ve got all the materials you need right in the room!)

*Your very own Vision Journal to take home and use to attract your ideal outcomes.

*Clarity on what you really want (No more settling for someone else’s dreams).

*Space and time to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life.

*Connection with like-minded peers (No Negative Nellies permitted!).

* A method to clear out the natural “gunk” that arises (Time to let go!)

*Tips & Tools for creating and sticking to a Visioning Practice

* A full day of breathing room and dream-time.

(The very thing you keep telling yourself you’ll give yourself but never do!)

*Gourmet Vegan Treats and Bubbly Champagne or Cider

*Surprise Bonus: Vision Journal Charm & Tassel (retail value $27)

This Day will be AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see you! 

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Friday couldn’t come fast enough this week. I am guessing you agree. I stayed up late again. Layering always gets the best of me. What started as a simple pen sketch, months ago has grown into a multi layered piece of work. When it comes to mixed media, collage poetry, paint, paper, ephemera, layers, etc, I honestly can’t get enough. I think I injoy it more than any other form of artistic expression.

I have an unlimited attention span and focus when it comes to such works. I literally get lost for hours, sometimes days. I am so blessed to have a family, husband in particular, who reminds me to come up for air, water food. Girl, Bird, Contemplate all came together with some last minute digital touches I am please with the final result. My white pens are out of ink which explains the imperfect outlining. But rumor has it there is a visitor on the way to the rock. Hopefully with handfuls of white pens, which I can hardly survive without!

What are you working on this weekend? I hope it’s something that brings you joy!!!

One Love, walk good, contemplating layers…

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I have arrived on the rock with an appetite for creating. I embrace Monday with a new vigor and intend to coax it gently into something divinely transformative. If you are here for the short version of this post, my journey to NY and back goes something like this:

  • Manhattan
  • three ladies and a gentleman
  • give to receive
  • art on the streets
  • the significance of being the one
  • Brooklyn
  • serendipity is better than GPS
  • travel with a smile
  • the transformative power of rain on a zinc roof

A passion for street art was rekindled on my trip and leaves me even more obsessed with graffiti and particularly the layering of artists work over artists work. The layers of city walls, trains, and billboards converge and peel away to reveal something significant and telling. Something telling of an era, it’s people, languages and the magic that is expressed in the midst of city dailies. Each layer is as different as the percussive raindrops that now strike my zinc roof in symphony. None is quite so extraordinary with out the presence of the other/s. Raindrops + zinc roof = sonata.

This is true of people. The fact that we are not nearly as interesting as the relationships and connections we share. Our facets are highlighted best by the nature of the folks around us. I was blessed to meet a handful of super fly individuals while in I was in the city. Fabulous additions to my NY list of friends and family. And at least half a dozen more reasons to work toward a trunk show in Manhattan!!! Each character, novel worthy and gifted with passion and talent. I mean like, spilling over with art/lyrical/design/culinarymojo/techno-graphical/musical/poetic prowess. Spilling over into the city, into the streets, on to each other in a frenetic shimmer that at too close a stare, burns the eyes. Revealing something significant and telling. Something that can only exist because of the spilling and the connections shared.

The above piece is titled Rain On. This was my way of processing more than a week of heavy rains and the consequences left in it’s wake. More re: floods and recent rain destruction in Jamaica here. This is a prime example of my mixed media/digitally altered Collage Poet Series. Indeed a frenetic piece. This work is totally reliant on layers and a glorious spilling process that transpired over a number of weeks. Each layer as crucial as the last and critical as the next. Each layer forwarding the final unified effect. Kinda like people.

One Love, walk good, joyful to be back in the studio 🙂 (even if i still don’t have a ceiling)…

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It took me days to finish this piece, AYA.  I am at last, able to go in my bed knowing that it has been completed.  I gathered quite a few images in the layering process to utilize in later work.  This is my heartfelt meditation to Haiti.  I do not speak Haitian tongue.  From a little island not too far across the water, we are feeling you Haiti.  There is an unrest on the breeze and it is difficult to sleep.  Haiti, my eyes are open.  The world is watching now Haiti…

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Home Sweet Blu

It has been said that it is not a matter of what you have, but what you do with what you have.  This is an important lesson for us all in these crucial times. Often, things that would otherwise be placed in the “throw-away” pile are better with a coat of paint, or given to someone in need.  I am always amazed by the creative resourcefulness I witness in and among people plagued by poverty. People with less money and resource manage to make not so much waste. I still have so much to learn in this capacity.

When I am in the states, I love to thrift hunt.  Sometimes just for inspiration. Sometimes, I find amazing furniture, frames and other items to incorporate into this artistic life. Ironically, Jamaica is without such establishments.  My theory is that folks use up everything to the very last drop, through generations, onto neighbors etc.  Although I miss the variety and cost effectiveness of such thrift shop finds I have discovered that when I keep my eyes open I am blessed with sightings of items headed for the “throw-away” pile. Occasionally, I come across furniture and/or objects that have great artistic potential.  Most of the time if I ask I receive.  This sighting-asking is almost always rewarding.  I have found the same to be true of taking pictures here in Jamaica.  Almost always, folks oblige, whether I request a photograph of their home or their face!

I am fascinated with zinc and board houses.  The island is filled with them and though these materials are cheaper alternatives to concrete and steel, they can be so beautiful.  There is just something about the humble simplicity of such structures.  They are “piece-nd” together with materials that one has to build with and a whole heap of love.  The reality of not having often gives way to real beauty. I have found this to be true of Jamaica and so many of the Jamaicans that I know.

This is a mixed media work that I created from a photograph I took years ago in Jamaica.  I made it for a girlfriend for her housewarming.  She purchased a beautiful piece of land and immediately moved into the small board house structure seated at the top of the hill.  Humble yes.  But from this structure she has designed and is in the process of developing her own paradise!  Another shining example that life truly is about what you do with what you have…

Mek your home your haven, no matter how humble.  Plant flowers and fruit and mek them grow…

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