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Indeed it’s the busy season. And it occurs to me I have yet to show you any of the recent custom orders I have created, shared and adorned. I am particularly fond of Charm Lura™ pendants (featured above). I so cherish the bending, filing, twisting, infusing, sanding and shining of these precious little charms, amulets and talismans. Each radiates a story and energy of it’s own. It’s almost as though the pendants come alive. I incorporate botanical findings, text and various elements to articulate the intention/s of the client. A charming way to personalize the jewelry experience…

This is a sublime and lovely way to adorn yourself and/or your loved ones. Especially if you have a soft spot in your heart for Jamaica.  Charm Lura™ pendants are a fabulous and personal way to carry your intentions, aspirations, goals and a little piece of the rock with you. Even better, these pieces are totally customizable, color, text, elements, semi precious stones, etc. What’s your inspiration?

Have you finished up your holiday shopping?

Why not do something different this year? One of a kind, handmade in Jamaica, blows doors on China mass production. How fun for the recipient. Something to look forward to in 2011. Give voice to somebody’s dreams, aspirations and intentions when you gift them the opportunity to design their own statement piece of jewelry! Consider an ila blu gift certificate to gift yourself or a loved one. And for a limited time only, receive a free adornment session with the purchase of an ila blu gift certificate for $100.00 or more. A truly transformative experience. Recipients engage in design process via skype, email or phone to guide the creation of their ila blu statement piece/s. Together we design meaningful adornment to bring growth and joy to the wearer!

Still not convinced? Don’t worry you can win ila blu adornment! Yes for free!

Sign up to receive messages when I post and participate in ila blu jewelry give aways. The last give away for 2010 will be with in a couple of weeks. The winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate redeemable for an ila blu adornment session and piece of ila blu statement jewelry! I know right! Awesome! And free! Don’t hesitate, go to the top of this blog, and look in the right hand, side bar, you will see a sign up form. Remember, the only commitment you are making is to receive email messages re: new posts. No obligations. Then keep your eye out for the post title “Give Away Post” (this shouldn’t be too hard, i.e., once you’ve subscribed to something blu, you receive an email every time I post). Make sure to leave a comment on the Give Away post for your chance to win this awesome jewelry prize and consultation!!!

One Love, walk good, back to the studio…



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This is it!!! The long anticipated reveal of the new and much improved ila blu logo! I am so pleased with it. I hope you love it too and will celebrate and support the launch and growth of my eco-savvy, extra gorgeous, infused with intention, adornment line, ila blu! I am so grateful for my lovely and talented friend Renee, owner of Renee Rodriguez Designs. A fabulous woman and designer, Renee, heard everything I wanted and translated it into a perfectly timeless logo.

I am now offering gift certificates for $100, $150 and $300 on my website! I will also add a special gift certificate in my Etsy ila blu Boutique soon. Every holiday gift certificate is intended to launch the recipient into an amazing 2011! And, for a limited time only purchase of a gift certificate includes a complimentary, custom design, experience. Personal adornment sessions are a one of a kind jewelry indulgence in which the client informs the designer of their aspirations and intentions. The result is a fantastic and alluring personalized pendant necklace, bracelet, or ring. Gift yourself or somebody you cherish with a gorgeous, wearable reflection and statement of personal intention.

If you can’t leave for the winter you can wear ila blu. Light up someone’s life this season with a gift certificate for an ila blu, made to order, signature piece. This is a wonderful gift to embark upon a new year. I will translate your New Years resolutions into something brilliant. Make your dreams a reality with adornment intended to keep you mindful of what you want to achieve. More love, abundance, joy, self confidence, patience, lifestyle changes?

I have vast knowledge and experience with the folkloric and protective properties of semi precious stones, jewelry components and botanical findings. A lovely and loving way to support someone  who is experiencing a major transformation, i.e., becoming a mother, graduating, starting a new job, surviving the “Big C”, moving, going through a break up or divorce, starting a new phase in life, etc…

And personal adornment is an amazing way to honor a bride to be this coming year.

You name it, I got it/you, covered in adornment.

Oh yeah and stay tuned, I might just have to give away an ila blu holiday Gift Certificate. A sure fire way to get your dreams for 2011 under way…

One Love, walk good, I’m so happy it’s official.

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Fall has been quite a fall for many this year. Transition is definitely in the cool autumn air. Perhaps it’s already freezing where you are. Perhaps you’re still where it is warm and sunny but your heart is frozen and in need of warmth. Two dear friends shared with me this week that they are “getting divorced”. These two friends live on the east and west coasts of the states and don’t know each other. Yet, each is for me a shining example of strength, femininity and motherhood. Each is starting her life over. Again…

It has been tough to swallow their newfound facebook “status”. Mainly because I am so fond of each of their husbands. I thought for sure they would last. I am grateful that my friends felt safe sharing their news of life upheaval, or as someone recently described it to me “rebranding”. I want to send love, blessings for the changes, hope for a brighter day and healing for all of the hearts living this transformation.

I ‘ve had a piece of unfinished, jewelry, a talisman of sorts, on my studio shelf, at eye level, for almost a year now. A bit of an anomaly, the piece never arrived at it’s inspired and intended destination. Only a couple of broken bits of it’s originally much larger and graceful form survived a studio accident. And in it’s decrepit state it was rendered design unworthy. But never mind that. What’s more important: I didn’t have the heart to let it go. Hmmmmmmm.


Salvage the Precious was born.

That the little pieces would mean something. Could be sewn together again, but different. Sewed apart. Embraced and moved on to. Something new. Transformed. Translucent. Light shining through the cracks…

So that’s it folks. With some genuine inspiration, I salvaged the broken, design unworthy, piece of hand crafted, fine silver. I left her with a few scratches as her imperfections are her own. Gorgeous in their own right. The necklace unifies three pieces, the fine silver pendant represents the single self, prior to marriage. I added a heart to the pendant to represent the heart that loved her way into marriage. Rose quartz with a touch of copper helps stimulate the change process, the heart that loves it’s way out of marriage is mended with unconditional, universal love.

My dear sisters/friends/confidants, you will never again be the same. May the dark, cold winter of your heart await the coming spring with passion and the curiosity of children. May you love and be loved everyday. May you recognize the love that comes to you in so many ways. May the coming year bring for you a better day.

One Love, walk good, salvage the precious…

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I am so excited for the something blu/ila blu give away later this week. I will be announcing the winner this weekend from Manhattan! Which happens to be the city of my making (TMI?). I am so excited to be travelling north to NYC, the Big Apple, hustlin’ bustlin’ city of lights, dreams, make it or break it, super-concentrated, creative energy! How fun to have the opportunity to announce our lucky contestant from the city! If you are intending to win please remember to subscribe to this blog. And then leave a comment on the final give away post. The final post will air mid week, not sure if that’s Wednesday or thursday so do check in!

I wanted to share the latest from the 3-5-7 mini bundle™ collection. Sorry ladies, this isn’t the give away piece. I am really pleased how this one turned out though she gave me some trouble about halfway through the birthing/creation process. She is nearly outside of the parameters of mini bundle™. Measuring almost four inches of bundled fabulousness.

Miss Howling Benevolence, 3-5-7 mini bundle™, one of a kind.

Hand harvested, artisan treated, drilled nikol seed from our land, cradles 7 strands of howlite, turqouise, riverstone, citrine, misc. glass and crystal and brass chain. Just under 19” , this necklace hovers comfortably around the throat chakra.

Prowess: kindness, gentle communication, positivity and stellar confidence…

This mini bundle™ can make you feel gorgeous and queenly whatever you wear. Miss Howling Benevolence can also remind you to turn up your kindness to high frequency. When we are kind to others we attract kindness to ourselves :). An all season piece, always in style and diverse enough to be worn two ways. Wear her with the white howlite stones as the focal point or turn her around to reveal her more translucent citrine nature. She can be donned with a t-shirt and jeans and will undoubtedly be the center of attention. But this queen is well fit for fancy occasions and loves to dress up.

I am so attentive lately to how what I wear makes me feel. Adornment is a special treat and has infinite potential to change our mood, outlook and confidence. Have you ever had a case of the blues and decided to put on your favorite outfit/jewelry anyway? Do you notice your best loved adornment and a smile can change the way you look and feel and the way folks perceive you! This is why I love to create handmade one of a kind, intentional jewelry. I believe that stones, seeds, metals, components, carry with them a history and a message. These components can be intentionally blended, mixing their histories and prowess’ to offer great visual and emotional impact. I believe that we infuse our pieces of adornment with memories, intention, experience and meaning. I believe that jewelry has the power to evidence those memories, intentions, experience and meaning for it’s owner.

Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry or a special bead or stone and found it again in the strangest place or time? Do you have a lucky piece of adornment that you always don when you are confronting something or someone important? Do you feel “naked without your jewels? Does your jewelry hold power? Do tell!!!

One Love, Walk Good, in the studio…

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It is certainly heating up over here. And the jewelry give away excitement is hot, hot, hot!!! It’s awesome that so many of you subscribed to be a part of this contest and the something blu community. I mentioned earlier this week that I will be making some changes to better connect/integrate my blog and website. This is definitely in process though it’s not yet clear precisely how or exactly when these changes will take place. I will keep you posted and hope that we can go through the makeover with little if no disruption to posts/ you etc.

Today, I share with you Hot Lava. She is from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She boasts cousins of the bracelet and earring species (not featured here) that were commissioned by her proud owner. She is made of hand formed gp (gold plate) links, Lava stone, chek glass, tiny glass beads, copper and gp findings and finished with a beautiful translucent, black, extendable ribbon. Hot Lava is a hot and feisty little number, certainly well suited for night life and celebration. She was not a custom piece (although her coordinating cousins were) but you would never know it. The stylish little lady that snagged this hot item (at the San Diego, Sand Stone Sea Sky, from the rock debut show) wears it like it was made for her. Hot Lava, like her owner, is petite but her presence is colossal!! Hope you enjoyed meeting her as much as I enjoyed making and matching her with a perfect proprietress.

One Love, Hot, Hot, Hot


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Todays theme: “Say what you need to say” (a line made popular by John Mayer and his song Say). I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have much trouble speaking my mind. I am in the process however, of learning the art of speaking my mind more gently. As it turns out, my personal learning curve is indeed steepest when it comes to knowing when not to speak. Well, knowing when not to speak and acting on it, to be precise. I know some people, truly gifted in this form of intended silence. It is brilliant in theory but easy to bail on the application. Recognizing when not to speak comes with wisdom. Not speaking can be an act of great power and significance. This being said, I think it’s safe to say, we could all benefit from a little more (perhaps, a lot more) clarity, authenticity, gentleness and directness in speaking. Upgrading and/or cultivating an awareness of when not to speak and practicing the crucial feat of listening, might just work miracles.

I share with you today SheSpeak, a piece from my personal collection, as in, the jewelry that I wear. She speak is from the Charm Lura: Collection Copper Revival Series. Species pendant. Upcycled, love treated, copper bezel encircles the word speak (the opposite side reads “she”. This piece serves me well, nearly daily. SheSpeak rests poised ever so mindfully at the home of my very voice. Although I have yet to perfect my  speak I can see my attention to the matter and consciousness shifting. Insert deep breath here…

So, if you find it difficult to speak what you really want/need/have to say, just say it. One time today, go ahead, I dare you. SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY. And if you, like myself, have a hard time saying what you need to say-clearly, kindly, authentically, or just plain scuffle with when and how to SAY NOTHING AT ALL, endeavor to fine tune your speak. Embrace your silence. FREE UP, or, ahem, so to speak…

One Love, Speechless (good thing I can type)


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Hello Monday!!!  Greetings all, I hope this post finds you lovely as ever as we roll into summer full speed ahead. I have been working on website content and grappling with decisions about the much anticipated and slightly delayed, jewelry give away. What to give, what to give??? I have a sense now of the direction we are heading with the final prize. And in the next couple of days I will nail down the actual piece to be granted to that very lucky individual who is randomly chosen as the “WINNER” of the ila blu/ something blu blog give away!!!

One of the most fun aspects of jewelry designing is inspiration and the unexpected places it turns up. I love to work with natural resources found here on the rock. In some ways it is easy to feel frustrated on this little island w/ regards to jeweler supplies and where to get them. But living in a place that has so little to offer stock wise has left me with no choice but to think outside of the box. You can make beads from many, many things. I am fascinated/borderline obsessed with seeds and their potential application in jewelry design (see Tamarinda Gold above). Oh, and although it is not easy to buy silver wire/sheeting on the rock we definitely are not short of steel. And I continue to unearth copper to utilize in the Charm Lura, Copper Revival collection.

Today I am sharing Tamarinda Gold from the 3-5-7 collection, species: necklace. She is a rare beauty, one of a kind, mixed media, ila blu creation. She is regal, contemporary, a pioneering classic with an elegant and subtle, ancient feel. She is made of hand shaped and hammered, steel links, Tamarind seeds gathered from trees near our yard and hand drilled (by me), miscellaneous glass and gp (gold plate) findings, with a touch of copper, finished with a gorgeously smooth, smoky grey, gossamer ribbon to be tied in a small bow at the length that best suits your outfit/occasion.

Wearing this necklace brightens your day and your face. Best of all, she transitions easily from jeans and a casual top to a dressy night on the town, dinner and the theatre or straight up at the club. She is multi generational and possesses prowess in the areas of natural beauty, resourcefulness, complimenting the diamond in the ruff sentiment/personality. Lucky for you, she is still available and scheduled to be listed in my etsy shop in a number of days, hopefully less than 30.


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  4. Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

One Love & Good Luck!!! 🙂

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This is It!!!!  If you’re in the San Diego, LA area don’t miss this!!! Yet to experience ila blu jewelry? This is your opportunity. If you are already a proud wearer of ila blu designs, you know this is the place to be. This show is stellar! Come out and enjoy your saturday afternoon with a divine view of SD, crudites, beverages, and a marvelous selection of ila blu jewelry. Mingle with old friends or new on a mountain top, sea view, paradise.  We are looking forward to seeing and adorning you! RSVP to Michele at (760) 218 7280 and receive a 5% discount on any  ila blu item.

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Sooooooo…  It has been a very long time.  I am squirreled away in the studio, twisting, turning, bending, shaping, burning, drilling, stringing etc…

I have indeed neglected my loyal subscribers. I assure you, you are not forgotten. But tucked safely away in my heart and conscience reminding me always to keep creating and keep on posting. I am at last, getting my blog on. Thanks to a little help from my friends and family… Mainly, my King, (husband,etc). Once again he has risen beyond the call of duty to assist me in pulling off the upcoming ila show in San Diego California. Now, if I can learn to balance said preparations while sustaining my digital life, we should have a pretty good show!!!

Excited and a tad frantic I have yet to post any of the collection currently being birthed.  So today, I give you Prowessa, a bold, necklace out of  3*5*7*.  Created with turquoise, nickel seed and antiqued brass chain, she is a fine example of the media I have been coercing into jewelry lately. I have presented her in a few variations as she is a bit of a muse and delight to the eye in many forms. I hope you will enjoy her brazen attitude, bold, natural style and lifelike components!  As for the give away.  It is on the way.  More soon…

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