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Click Picture above to register for this special event!!!

July 1st, 2018, I will show you how to create a Vision Board Journal! I will give you tips and tools to establish a practice to naturally enhance and encourage your Manifesting Potential and Results! 

Gain Clarity and Vision for your life with this Vision Journal Experience. Master visioning tools you can use to transform your LIFE and Manifest Abundance!

This workshop is the first of a 2 part series. In the second workshop we will transform inspiration from our Vision Journals into meaningful adornment! This is the last time we’ll run this workshop, this year!


*All the tools and time to you need create your own powerful Vision Journal. (You don’t have to bring a thing. I’ve got all the materials you need right in the room!)

*Your very own Vision Journal to take home and use to attract your ideal outcomes.

*Clarity on what you really want (No more settling for someone else’s dreams).

*Space and time to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life.

*Connection with like-minded peers (No Negative Nellies permitted!).

* A method to clear out the natural “gunk” that arises (Time to let go!)

*Tips & Tools for creating and sticking to a Visioning Practice

* A full day of breathing room and dream-time.

(The very thing you keep telling yourself you’ll give yourself but never do!)

*Gourmet Vegan Treats and Bubbly Champagne or Cider

*Surprise Bonus: Vision Journal Charm & Tassel (retail value $27)

This Day will be AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see you! 

Click Here to Register!

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Life is full of great things. I am full of gratitude for all that I have. My family, friends, manual prowess, creativity and connection to nature make me the happiest girl in the world. But let’s face it (and this becomes increasingly apparent with every birthday I collect), not everyone can have a great ass!

I mean really, it’s just not for everyone. But who doesn’t want a great ass? And so, after much acceptance and deliberation, I decided to make my very own great ass. Not just for myself, but for all for of us who’d like to have one but can’t fathom lunges, crunches, obtaining a personal trainer, plastic surgery, padded panties, silicon ass enhancers, or snowboarding. The image of this ass was clicked at the Negril Donkey Races last year. You can see the original bold and super saturated image here. I made copies of the original image and trimmed and painted, inked, cut, shifted, glued, pasted, digitally enhanced and added the donkey to a mixed media, collaged back ground. I like to call this style of work collage poetry.

TaDa!!! That’s one great ass, right?  Not sure where to hang him yet but I think he is a helpful reminder that every ass can be great. If you want it bad enough!

I hope you in joy today’s layered installment.

One Love, walk good, and it’s okay, not everyone can have a great ass!

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Grow Oneness


“Try a Little Tenderness”


Be Kind

Practice Gratitude

Practice it Again

One Love, Walk Good, Giving Thanks…
P.S. Stay tuned for ila blu jewelry give away 🙂

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Contemplating home…

And all of the glorious feelings that accompany home…

One love, walk good, soon come…

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The greatest gift my parents ever gave me, a sister. My friend, confidant, fan, critic and cheerleader! An authentic, natural beauty and one of a kind, girl, I can always count on to make me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants. The “inside” jokes, mutual bond, and sisterly language we share are infinitely blessed. I am so grateful to have her in my life! Hail up and Happy Birthday Ec, Rosa, Dash Eye and Nelson Mandela!

And… Five years ago today, my sister gave birth to a bouncing, blue eyed, pink, bundle of joy! Yep, she had my niece on her birthday, talk about generous, go figure, I mean what are the odds…

This is a digital collage I made for my sister. I further altered it in print and sent it to her. For her birthday I thought I would share the original here. I am sending positive vibrations to the west coast today where a few of my favorite peeps are celebrating birthdays. I wish for my lovely niece a kinder more respectful world. In the spirit of the first International Nelson Mandela day, lets all do our part to insist upon and celebrate equality, justice, kindness, generosity and an end to poverty!!!

One Love, walk good, Happy Birthday, living equality…

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Sometimes you just have to get away. There is no question I live in a beautiful place. Jamaica landscape abounds with eye bursting color and texture. In fact, several folks have called mine a “fantasy life” (this of course after we finally purchased a washing machine and I was no longer hand laundering). And I am pretty fond of the house we live in too. But there is just something about packing a bag, turning your back to the front door, and getting away for a couple of days. Somewhere where the workload doesn’t seem so nuff, reading magazines takes on a whole new meaning and relaxing in the sunshine doesn’t make you feel guilty. Priceless…

Rounding out a lovely holiday weekend with the family. A get away much enjoyed and perhaps even deserved is very close to ending. It occurs to me that we don’t always, and some people never, have this luxury. The good news is imagination is just around the corner. Pack a bag. Fill it with magazines, books, snacks, something creative to do with your hands, an ipod, your journal etc. Pack the bag! Even if you are only going as far as the veranda, front porch,fire escape, or back yard. If you can swing a day at the park or beach even better. A few days camping, staying at a friends or in a hotel even better!!!

Honor yourself and summer. Get away, if only in your mind. The couch, (once the coffee table is clean and remote at arms length) can be a virtual get away all it’s own. Movies, popcorn, air conditioning, a blanket and pillows, don’t forget the magazines, make for a relaxing break. Be creative, breathe deep, exhale and relax. Sometimes a stretch of the imagination can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Take an hour or a day. Pack a bag!!! Be well. And don’t forget the magazines.

One Love, packing…

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It’s not easy letting go. I am experiencing mild anxiety this weekend as I am unable to micro manage a photo shoot featuring some of my latest designs. Not being present for the shoot left me feeling completely out of control for the last 28 hours or so. As my business grows I am forced to delegate, and to ask for (and receive) help and support. Sometimes, I am whelmed by how much there is to do to sustain a creative biz, the rest of the time I am totally whelmed by letting other talented folks take up the reins. I suppose it is a delicate balance. It is good to let others shine their light. We certainly can’t all be the best at everything. And so a bit reluctantly I have handed over a big box of product to some amazingly generous ladies who have started the process of photographing my little lovelies. It’s wonderful to hear that they have enjoyed the shoot so far and are concerned that they may have to buy most of the work off the rack, out of the box etc.

Fortunately for me, (as one of my girlfriends recently said) this is a challenge and not a roadblock. Interesting choice of words considering I live in Jamaica where road blocks and curfews are par the course. Insert deep breath here. If all goes well I should be posting some new ila blu designs to my etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. This is something I have postponed for far too long. I am finally ready to let go of the perfectionist alter ego if for only a few moments to get my work listed and available on line. So many folks have requested that I do this. My major challenge of course was shipping (trust me, not easy from JA) but I have for the most part satisfied that requisite. I hope to offer free shipping or at least to ship anywhere in the U.S. for a dollar or two. Yay!

Straightening things up here at the house today. Typical Sunday chores to ready us for the week. As I dust, unpack, put away and organize I am exercising my powers of breath and positive meditation. Letting go. Letting go of controlling and micro managing every aspect of my creative business, my children and husband’s lives and the rest of the world, that honestly, functions pretty well without my attention. A big lesson indeed as a chronic micro-manager, an artist, as a parent, even as a big sister. But in the long run if we are to embrace huge (or even small) success we must invite people to shine their creative, organizational and personal assistant skills. To put it simply: allow folks to help you, especially in the areas where they excel and you don’t!!! Letting go is a process and is sometimes harder then we expect. In the end any individual can only manage what is humanly possible. I am constantly learning to let this be enough…

One Love, Letting Go…

P.S. More on the jewelry give away tomorrow.

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