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Traditionally, flowers have significant meanings attributed to them. In times past, folks gifted flowers with intended messages. Red flowers and particularly roses can symbolize, passion, desire, red hot, love, and energy.

This vermillion beauty is definitely a dose of sexy. Worn as a hair adornment or on a blouse, purse or shoe, as a fascinator, a pretty drop of red goes a long way. This simple accessory can take your winter blahs to fabulous! I am a huge fan of hair adornment and head dressings. Honestly they make my day! More often than not, I clip a little beauty into my big ol’ bun o’ hair (natty dreadlocks minus the dread) to pull my look and self together. It adds such a cheerful element to my face and outings. Often a conversation opener and always an eye catcher!

I am so loving and inspired by my recent floral explorations. I think I am almost ready to offer them for sale. I feel myself blooming in new directions with this craft that draws on so many of my gifts. It is challenging and gratifying and eco savvy as I am incorporating primarily reclaimed fabrics. Yay!

What do you think?

Might you consider adding one, two or three, of these to your wardrobe experience?

One Love, walk good, hope your day is red hot!

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I know right? I am beyond generous. I can’t help myself, I want to share my gifts with you. As many of you know, I live in Jamaica. Things aren’t always easy here. I know a lot of folks have an extremely difficult time making ends meet. The general consumption tax (sales tax) here is 16.5% or more. Imagine…

So I feel it necessary to share my artifacts of adornment through various give aways. I host give aways here on my blog, something blu, and at boutique shows. People always feel so grateful to win. And what a delightful response from folks when their tiny ila blu package comes in the mail, or occasionally, delivered by yours truly! I so love the experience of giving and generosity is abundant in this season. I don’t want to miss out on the fun!

I am hosting yet another ila blu give away for you my lovelies. The rules are the same as always. I am sure you’ve caught the drift by now. If you are new to the something blu community take a couple minutes to read the instructions that follow. And make sure you sign up (it’s free) for this blog, on the right hand side bar, so that you will qualify on the give away date. See more on give away criterion below.

I am especially joyful to share the most valuable gift I have yet to offer. The winner of this give away will receive a $100 ila blu gift certificate. The certificate is redeemable for a custom adornment session in which we will co-design a signature, ila blu piece of adornment! Yay! So make sure to sign up and pay attention. Look for the final give away post, leave a comment and cross your fingers!

I am so attentive lately to how what I wear makes me feel. Adornment is a special treat and has infinite potential to change our mood, outlook and confidence. Have you ever had a case of the blues and decided to put on your favorite outfit/jewelry anyway? Do you notice your best loved adornment and a smile can change the way you look and feel and the way folks perceive you! This is why I love to create handmade, one of a kind, intentional jewelry. I believe that stones, seeds, metals, components, carry with them a history and a message. These components can be intentionally blended, mixing their histories and prowess’ to offer great visual and emotional impact. Jewelry has the power to evidence memories, intentions, experience and meaning for it’s owner. So I am giving it away!

Remember you have to signup for this blog to qualify to win an ilablu jewelry give away.


Subscribe to somethingblu.wordpress.com (sign up box can be found in the right) hand sidebar. Don’t worry I don’t spam. The only commitment you are making is to receive an email every time I post. Which can be a really good thing if you like my adornment work and would like to win/own a piece.

Pay attention to posts and look for the final Give Away Post. You will recognize this post because: The post title that day will include the words: “The Give Away Post”.

View the “The Give Away Post” and picture and leave a comment on the “Give Away” piece of jewelry. You must leave a comment, no matter how simple to qualify to win. You can say “nice piece”. But feel free to be creative, kind, or adoring. :) I will enter all participants (those who comment), into a digital randomizer to determine the winner.

Wait, pay attention & hope that your name is posted as the winner!!!

*Adornment featured: Goldina Ra 3 5 7 mini bundle™ necklace and Lady Jane statement ring.

One Love, walk good, embracing the giving spirit…


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You know that Etta James Song, At Last? This is the soundtrack that accompanies this post and the long awaited launch of my ila blu Etsy Boutique ! I am bubbling over with joy to announce the boutique launch. I have waited too long. And alas, have sorted out shipping issues for the jewelry currently listed in my etsy shop. Please take some time to browse. Don’t be surprised if you see something listed that you and yours simply cannot live without!!! Remember! If you adore any or all of my designs mark them with a heart in my shop to increase  ila blu boutique ratings!

I am thrilled to share this shop link with you today, although there are only a handful of pieces listed. My boutique doors are wide open and we await your gorgeous faces, input and  fine taste. I know you will find something perfect for the holidays, a gift for yourself (you know, to wear to all the fabulous parties you will attend this festive season). Or if you must, perhaps a gift for someone else…

What a better way to support the handmade movement and one of your favorite designers (yes it’s me!!!), than to purchase an ila blu design for you and yours this holiday season. There are several necklaces to show off my 3 5 7™ and mini bundle™ collections. ila blu designs are guaranteed to draw compliments and attention. A sure fire way to gift original style, ila blu designs are one of a kind and limited edition productions. Designed to compliment  a world of complexions, ila blu jewelry, is eco savvy, chic, classic, bold, and perfect for any and every occasion.

Stay tuned! I will offer custom adornment gift certificates next week. This one of a kind, limited time offer will include a custom designed charm lura™ pendant (necklace, bracelet, or ring) or a custom designed mini bundle™ necklace and adornment session. Through a brief  verbal exchange I translate your affirmations and intentions into a one of a kind, statement, signature piece of ila blu jewelry. A treasure. New years resolutions can be embraced and expressed through ila blu custom adornment. Client guided, personalized adornment. Infused with intention.

Reasons to purchase a custom, one of a kind, ila blu design and adornment session

  1. I will only offer 33 complimentary adornment sessions. After the 33 adornment session trials, a consultation fee will be added to custom orders.

  2. Totally unique jewelry and gift idea.

  3. Think of all the compliments you will receive upon gifting friends or family with ila blu!

  4. Think of all the compliments you will receive wearing one of a kind ila blu designs to holiday engagements!

  5. Rumor has it ila blu adornment transforms lives!!!

  6. You look gorgeous in ila blu!

  7. ila blu designs are infused with intention to remind you of the intentions and affirmations you aspire to achieve!

  8. This is an eco savvy, socially responsible, cruelty free gift to or from you!

  9. If you participated in the ila blu give away you can receive a 5% discount!

  10. Adornment sessions with ila blu designer S.B. Lyngo (me) are an exceptional experience resulting in deeply loved, personal, co-created, heirloom quality, jewerly designs.


If you participated in but did not win the most recent ila blu give away, check your email for a 5% discount code. Copy and paste the code at checkout to receive discount! Code can also be used for gift certificates, available next week. If you don’t receive the code and know you participated check your spam. If you still didn’t get it contact me at s@ilblu.com.

One Love, walk good, celebrating…

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So. I know that you have waited. Patiently. For a very long time. Waited, that is, for me to break out the goods. As in, the jewels, adorning artifacts, sweet pieces of metal, bead love. At last, a fine specimen. Fancy that.

Meet Miss Omega Sterling aka: Miss Omega S., Collection: 3*5*7*, Species: Necklace. One of a kind. 19 inches of sterling silver, steel and copper (hand formed) links celebrate the feminine. Steely confidence and elegant sensibility compliment wardrobe choices from dawn to dusk. Miss Omega S. enhances any complexion, elevates the everyday and revels in the fete. Indeed. She awaits her proprietress…

This ila blu lovely is still available. Inquire within.

And a special give thanks and big ups to Brenda Wright and Michele Yapp for styling and photographing my latest. 🙂

One Love, Walk good, a storm has arrived…

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Greetings from the rock. I hope this weekend finds you sunny and fabulous. I know the grills are fired up, beer cans and fireworks are crackin’, somewhere, somebody is rockin’ a fruit salad and the beaches are full this weekend in the U.S.A.. It’s quiet and grey here in Jamaica and although I am missing camping and celebrations with family and friends, there is indeed something lovely about escaping the red, white and blue, hustle and bustle, of the fourth of July weekend. Loving the rock.

I share with you today tiny bits of blu. Introducing the mini bundle: Collection: 357, Species: Necklace. Turquoise, Chalcedony, Copper, Crystal, Glass and Lapis Lazuli, offer  just the right  touch of something even if all else fails. This necklace boasts illumination, harmony and awareness. The ancient Egyptians considered Lapis to be symbolic of and a gateway to sacred knowledge. Because of the geographic breadth of lapis trade in early times, this stone is often associated with friendship and harmony amongst human kind.

The perfect accoutrement to almost any outfit. From denim to damask, this mini bundle will carry through from dawn to dusk. A whole lot of style packed into almost two inches, the mini bundle can be worn on a chain, organza, cord etc. The sky really is the limit with this design, made to order in a variety of colors, stones, meanings etc.

One Love, walk good & injoy…

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Creative Chaos vs: Control. Woooooiiiii!!! Some days it all seems like too much. When your two year old (soon to be 3, trust me, it’s big trouble when I don’t clarify) spills an entire bowl of beads on the floor and walks away saying “I don’t know how dat happon”. This of course, after she cries incessantly  for the beads because she is after all, a beader. You hesitate and concede insisting that she stay in one place (i.e., at the table) and not carry the bowl of about a million beads around so that it spills to the floor. When you step out to the line to hang laundry only to be attacked by ants who apparently formed a nest right under your foot since the last time you pinned wet clothes. When you find out that one of the most upstanding citizens in your district (who is not yet “old”) passed away this weekend. When your finances aren’t necessarily putting their best side forward. When the studio looks like a hurricane passed through in your absence. etc… Need I go on?

That’s the time to throw your hands up and surrender to creative chaos. Something better must come. Grab the broom, some anti-sting/itch gel, buy a quart of rum (a Jamaican tradition) and plan to attend a funeral, do some creative financing and as for the studio, this too shall pass. Insert deep breath here.

I know, I know, I just encouraged you to pack a bag and head to the veranda. And I still think this sounds like a heavenly idea. A word to the wise, be prepared for damage control when you return. That’s the thing, there is no escape. Not really.

So, for today, I am feeling out of control, (which indeed, we all ultimately are). And that is gonna have to be okay. I will do what I can before heading out again to take care of some family business and maybe even have a little fun this weekend. Prioritizing is key. Two hands can only pick up so many beads. I am keeping my hands busy and planning to dirty them up a bit in the studio today. This is the only way I know to reinstate the calm. When everything spins way out I spin in by creating and surrendering to the creative chaos/goddess/universe/etc…

One Love, out of control… P.S. Did I mention the guinea pig is pregnant?

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Final Post!!! We’ve arrived, destination: Jewelry Give Away. Remember, you have to comment on the final post to be entered in this drawing. This is the ila blu offering, CoCo Love. Collection: Charm Lura. Species: pendant/necklace. Etched copper, love pendant, accompanied by coconut, turquoise and faceted glass, swings on a sterling silver, contemporary, Italian chain (18″). Are you loving her? Mmmm copper.

Prowess: Life energy, communication, compassion and protection for it’s wearer. CoCo Love is warm in summer or winter. Coconut shell (known as a symbol of endurance and spirituality) echos the tropics. The blu of the turquoise and glass grounds this piece in harmony. CocoLove elevates the everyday in a mindful way. A positive and healing affirmation for yourself or as a gift. This piece could easily be incorporated into a wedding, adorned by the bride on her neck or around her bouquet. Bring on the comments and the best of luck to ya.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I am giving you the time and space to comment on this post. The drawing will take place Wednesday, June 16, and the winner announced Thursday, June 17. 🙂

One Love, hope you’re winning…

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